Whew, it's been busy at Birdeye

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The baby shower hostesses...Kara, Becca, Beth, me, the
honoree Beth, Lashun, Julie, Joy and Ashley...
(not present Counts Louise, Sarah Jane, Jessica and Alexis)

Beth, Becca and Joy...Joy made Beth's nursery bedding and
curtains, and everything else...it's just precious!  A good
time was had by all...we had about 40 people roll out

This is Teddy Roosevelt...a six week old
shepherd mix that Fred (Jackie's uncle and our
next door neighbor found in his cow pasture) gave
us...he's just so stinking precious.....I love this
little man...we think he's a mix of Shepherd/Great
Pyranees mix....and up for adoption...lemme know!
And spay/neuter people...good lord!

Last Saturday we all ran the Move it Memphis 10K..it was
good to get these legs moving...we've been way, way too busy
doing this and that, getting ready for the shower etc.
Here's Martino, Kara, me, Jackie, Beth and Stan..
I love Start2Finish events, they always put on steller events,
just saying.....And it was kinda pathetic that Martino and
Kara didn't put on the right bibs so Martin's 50 minute run
went to Kara and her slower time went to him...hahahaha!
Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yes...for the record, I love the Oscars and award shows.  I love watching the fashion police people and all the red carpet stuff.  We had a fun baby shower yesterday for Beth Malone Huff, it was great!  I am so thrilled we had 8 hostesses that worked their tails off at the shower (and Chloe and Jackie did such a GREAT job of helping me keep the house up and doing yardwork as did Jeanie who worked with me in the yard for 6 times for just a couple hours each time.  We cleaned up Bettie's corner lot that had trees being over grown and helped me pick up trash).  Saturday morning before work I had an early morning thought and decided that I'd assign everyone to a chore during the shower and for the most part, it worked.  I had Lashun doing the dishwasher, Kara doing beverages, Beth Bradshaw doing the table refills, Julie doing the trash, Ashley handled the coats and purses, Joy and Becca doing the writing down of the gifts and displaying them, I did parking, treasurer and photography and I think it all worked out wonderfully.  We all met at the Rendezvous that night for dinner and it was so much fun being with friends and family.  Yay for Baby Huff, she's not finding out the sex, how fun for them.  They're due April 1st, the day after Easter.

Dixie, the latest foster, Birdeye

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Ya'll!  I know I haven't posted in a while, it's been a crazy and busy two weeks.  Chloe and Jackie got me the cutest card for Valentine's that speaks some kind of Hot Chili Pepper song, it is so cute.  It came with a box of Hershey's kisses too, how sweet!!   Chloe and I got Jackie some jelly beans and we got her a bag of candy with dog toys and bones.  Last week she was insistent to get the East Birdeye cousins a Valentine from her so she bought them a stuffed animal and candy.

Last Friday Kara texted me about a dog at the saw mill.  The timing is good since Chance was slated to go today to his forever home. She and Whit put food out for it but it kept hiding in the bushes.  Saturday on my way to work, the dog was in the nook south of the 4 way, again hiding in the bushes.  It took me two long tries to catch her.  She was so hungry that when she started eating the kibbles I threw to her, she would come closer.  When I finally held her and put a leash on her, she FREAKED OUT!!  It was like a rodeo on the side of the road, she screamed, bounced on the ground, jumped straight up in the air and it was all I could do to keep a hand on that leash.  That's what dogs do when they haven't been handled or ever been on a leash.  She had to ride on my lap back to our place...cracks me up!  We have her vaccinated and in isolation for a week.  We plan to bring her inside now that Chance is on transport to New Hampshire.  It made my day, I tell you, taking Chance to Forrest City on my lunch hour, to get on the bus to his forever home.

We let Dixie in last night and gave her a bath (not much of a rodeo, I think she enjoyed the sudsing up and warm water, thank goodness) and have figured out that she's got to be related to Kara's dog Duchess who's a 7 year old Birdeye stray...marked like her and acts just like her.  Submissive, sweet and quiet.  If only I could get my hands on that momma dog and get her spayed...

Dixie will be ready in 3 weeks for a home, that's after her second parvo shot and spaying.  She's really sweet to Biscuit, Gumball and Chloe.  I've added some photos of where we've been the last two weeks, it's been so busy!
We went on a quick overnight girls trip to St. Louis 2 weeks
ago and had a great time and a fabulous, but slow,
lunch at Zodiac inside Neiman's.  And I bought
my first pair of designer jeans with a hole in them...
what was I thinking?  Here's Mary Margaret Meyer,
Kara, Beth Bradshaw, Ashley King and me

On the way home from St. Louis we came across this
drag race near Birdeye that I'd heard about at work...we hit it about
2 pm on Sunday.  We guessed there were 75 cars there and
a lot of smoke and tire screeching...hahahaha! We were
totally cracking up at it!  They have a link on youtube.
Here's Chance this morning
looking and listening to the card
that Chloe got me...(that's a
hot pepper singing...) I think it
scared him to death, he wouldn't
get close to it...hahahahaha!.
Chance's ride to New Hampshire...they had quite a crew on board!

Chance is a GREAT traveler...he doesn't whine like Biscuit
and doesn't get carsick like Gumball.
Here's the latest stray...Chloe named her Dixie...we think
she's related to Kara's Duchess

She doesn't have a blue eye, it's just the camera angle.

It's a little blurry but here's Chance and Gumball
sharing a chair last week....Gummy is a pretty good guy to
all the fosters we bring in....they are so cute!