Tigan's Irish Pub, St. Louis, June 7, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Bloody Mary

I am not a fan at all of a chain but Jackie and I came across this pub on our way from Laclede's Landing Sunday morning on the way to another Cardinals game. He'd been there before for some world cup soccer game. We stopped in about 10:30 a.m. and it was not empty. There were about 5 tables of men and women sipping on Guinness's and watching soccer. We ordered up a bloody mary and I have to say it was the best bloody mary I have ever had. I had my favorite bloody mary in New Orleans about 8 years ago at the French Market way down on Decatur St. The one in New Orleans had lime pulp in it that was the key to it's deliciousness. Back to Tigin's mary that quickly made it's way to the top...it was made with Zing Zang mix and it was divine. He added Tabasco and pepper and served it with two queen olives. I'm not sure if it was the mix on this one or the fine margarita salt that coated the rim of my glass but I really loved this mary. Jackie loves the Tigan for its Guinness and its soccer. I can't stand a chain but I really liked this bloody mary and atmosphere of the pub.

Tigan Irish Pub, 333 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO 314-241-8666

Pietro's, St. Louis June 5, 2009

The St. Louis tradition lives on! Jackie and I were in our favorite summertime city geared up for our Busch Stadium weekend. We were headed to a recommended restaurant not far from Forrest Park, St. Louis' Central Park, but it was closed for lunch. We passed by a busy Pietro's and made our way back there. We walked in to what we felt like was a senior citizens lunch hour. The place was packed with blue hairs. We asked to be seated outside on the patio that overlooked a sidewalk on busy Watson Road.

Caitlin was our waitress that quickly brought water and bread to the table. Jackie loved their bread that was soft and slightly warm with no butter. He commented that he preferred my bread served this way but I always butter my french bread and toast in the oven for 5 minutes. I haven't toasted bread since. I ordered toasted ravioli for an appetizer which is against my religion but religion changes when you're in the city that is famous for toasted ravioli. It was good, not the best, but good ravioli. Jackie ordered the veal Parmesan sandwich that was outstanding. It was hot and smothered in marinara. My ravioli was deliciously covered in a meat sauce that was steaming too. We loved the warm temperature on the patio and watched the traffic and the locals come and go from this well-established neighborhood restaurant. I had Chianti and Jackie had a Michelob Ultra. No dessert for us, we were stuffed and excited about going to our downtown favorite before the game.

We loved stumbling across this family owned restaurant that was doing well supported by the neighborhood. I love Italian food and Pietro's did not disappoint.

Pietro's, 3801 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 314-645-9263