Hog and Hominy, Memphis

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Kara!!

My fabulous sister-in-law wanted to go to this fantastic spot in Memphis to celebrate both her, cousin Jimmy Huff's and Jerry Harvey's birthday.  It was splendid even though Jimmy and Beth went on to a Hog game in Fayetteville instead.  We had a great time carpooling over there and the food was fantastic!  Because we had such a large party, we had a pre-fix menu which was excellent.

We had a choice of 2-4 main courses on the menu, Kara went with two and they were two fabulous pizzas.  The 'Shrooms was mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, arugula and garlic (which was fantastic) and the Thunderbird which featured pepperoni, fontina and spicy sauce.  The crust was thin and crispy, they were cooked in a wood burning oven, delicious I tell you!  But to start the pre-fix, we had a romaine salad with pecorino vinegarette, chicken skins and panna gratta.  We all agreed it was light and refreshing.  (Funny to call a salad refreshing but I think it was the light dressing for sure).  For the contorni course, we had two to choose from, my favorite was the Crispy Pork, which was the suckling pig (I know...we felt sorry for the fella) beautifully smoked and tender with okra, corn, field peas and purslane.  This was the first time I had ever had purslane, it's basically a weed very common in the US.  From the web, for a better description than I can write except that it was delicious, from www.motherearthnews.com : Until recently, most research on purslane has focused on its eradication. A frequently overlooked approach to controlling this weed is to eat it! Purslane is so surprisingly tasty, North Carolina market gardener Patryk Battle says, “I have rarely had anybody not buy purslane after they’ve tried it.”
Purslane is somewhat crunchy and has a slight lemony taste. Some people liken it to watercress or spinach, and it can substitute for spinach in many recipes. Young, raw leaves and stems are tender and are good in salads and sandwiches. They can also be lightly steamed or stir-fried. Purslane’s high level of pectin (known to lower cholesterol) thickens soups and stews.
Battle also uses purslane in pesto. He throws basil and purslane (upper stems and all) into a blender or food processor, adds a small amount of olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and enough hot water to get a good consistency. Because it’s so juicy, purslane helps create a low-fat pesto without too much oil. 

Our other choice for contorni was Hoe Cakes with shrimp, chow chow and creme fraiche, delicious too.

Now to dessert...they did bring out two slices of these desserts with candles on them and we sang to Kara and Jer.  It was fun to celebrate two people's birthdays.  Dessert choices were peanut butter pie and Carol's Delightful Smile, which looked like coconut cream pie.  I, of course, didn't try either one diabetic and all but everyone said they were awesome.  Ahh Hog and Hominy, I'm so glad we got to eat there.  Our waiter was extremely fabulous, my receipt said Theron.  He was great and efficient.

Be sure to make reservations even for just 2.  You'll love this place.  I really like their motto, "Italian Cooking, Southern Roots".  It fits!  And by the way, we missed regulars like Becca and Ashley, we'll have to get them from going to Disney every September...yeah right!

Hog & Hominy, 707 W. Brookhaven Circle, Memphis 901-207-7396

Chloe made the cutest video of all the cousins....This is Whit, CoCo, Stella, Clarah Creighton, August and Tom B.

Our delicious menu

DANG Blogger, it won't turn Alexis' Iphone photo upright....they need to fix this!
And our group photo won't change either...this is me, Alexis, Kara, Cecelia, Kyle, Lisa, Chuck, Martin,
Jackie, Stan, Jerry, Mel and Beth.   Great crowd for two great birthdays!

Jerry and Kara sharing their birthday desserts!  That's Martin, Jackie, Stan and Jerry looking on....

Throw back Friday, Birdeye

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015

Chloe's making Whit a very special birthday video and asked that I send some pictures of him via email from when we was born and lemme tell you I found some sweet photos of that kid.  Some of these are so stinking sweet and some are hilarious.  I had to share a few!
Chloe was 4, Whit maybe 6 months

So cute

Chloe and baby Biscuit

Whit loved his pacifier....those were the days...

Chloe and cousins Tom B and Clairah Creighton

Chloe and Stella

Chloe's first triathlon with cousin Tom B 

Sunday Brunch Wynne Presbyterian Church

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015

We had a fantastic brunch at Harmon and Jeanie's farm this past Sunday.  The Wynne Presbyterian Church has a Sunday School Kickoff at their farm every year.  It's a tradition to ride our bikes the 5 miles with our bacon and cinnamon rolls on our backs.  I thought I'd share some of the photos of the ride.  It was a great day for church, the weather was perfection.   Also, Chloe was initiated into the Junior Progressive Club the night before.  It's a sorority club in high school, I'll attach photos from it.  Happy Fall Ya'll!

This is Bee, who was going to be euthanized for heartworms, but Chloe and I fostered her for about two months, she
now lives in Earle with a really nice family.  Don't worry, Sam Stacy brought a stray to me Tuesday, he's so sweet and
out back in isolation for two weeks....spay/neuter people!

Last day at the pool!!!  Stella, Chloe, Katie, Whit, Linton and August

Jackie, Chloe, Buddy, Whit, August, Stella, Kara and Martino

The infamous 14% grade Vanndale Hill, Chloe and Whit made it up!!

There was hardly any traffic thankfully
JPC, Junior Progressive Club new initiates
This was ridiculous, it took an entire day to clean up, Chloe will not do this to a girl next year, I'm just saying
Buddy loved waiting with Chloe while her bedroom was being trashed
Her big sisters are Courtney Rivera, a senior, and junior Brittany Yearling
We had a pre-Christmas party happy hour last weekend, the Bradshaw's are hosting the party this year, yay!
The kids love some Xbox 2014 dance video.... Chloe, Reece, Linton, Stella and Whit

The donkeys at the farm looked at us like, "what the..." lol

OSSA Awards, Edmond

Friday, Sept. 11, 2015

Over the Labor Day weekend, which is a traditionally bike riding weekend for me, we went to Edmond to see Gary get inducted into the Oklahoma State Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame and then on to Tulsa to see dad and his new wife Shairon at their wedding reception the next day.

Saturday was great, we had a good meal and a good visit with mom and Gary.  Sunday was fun, I got to see my grandmother Melva from Weatherford, OK, my aunt Janet from California and Dwight and Mary who now live in Shawnee.  We had a good visit with everyone.  Chloe and Audrey got to watch their Ferncliff camp video, they were cracking up.  It was a quick weekend with lots of good time catching up with everyone.

Me and Gary

Kathy, Craig, Corie, Erin, Gary, Mom, Chloe, me and Jackie

He got a bunch of trophies in several categories

This is the president of the OSSA, he gave such a nice speech about Gary and all of his volunteer work he's done for
the club over the last 22 years.  (And that's a BIG plaque!)

Chloe, me, Gary and mom

I blame some DING DONG for getting this goofy photo

Chloe and I fostered two kittens over the last month and they finally went to a home on Tuesday, THANK GOD!!