Happy 16th Chloe, Birdeye

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Well it's official, she's got keys and a license.  Both didn't make me feel confident at all as last Monday when we ran errands (her insurance, debit card and license) she drove to Sonic and Walmart.  It was a very scary ride indeed.  Riding with her in a parking lot is rough, scary and dramatic.  But maybe I'm the one over-dramatic.  It's scary since we are 15 miles from her school and she has to cross three Arkansas Highways to get there.

Needless to say, this little gift from God is driving and please pray we have safe and un-distracted driving over the next few years but really forever.

Mother's Day was great, we had a good church service where 9 of our youth went through confirmation class and became members of the church, we had lunch at Jeanie and Harmon's then cake and games.  The weather was perfect.  Chloe's birthday was fun but I keep saying, get back in the crib Chloe.  Quit growing up!

She's been blessed with humor, generosity, wit, compassion, smarts and she's a night owl like her dad.  Only God knows what she will become but I'm glad she's grounded in church, helping others and using her sense of humor in many situations.  But seriously Chloe.  Get back in the crib!

August 6, Whit 12, Chloe 16 and Stella 9

Memaw and Granddad has a tug of war set up and August really wanted to dominate Chloe....hilarious
We gave Chloe a ukulele and a strand of pearls for her birthday (and she can drive my
car as long as she doesn't back talk and pays for the gas:))

We always have a prayer before a family meal...Chloe's grinning because she was eating carrots when granddad started the
prayer, look at Stella and August, hilarious.

Stella found this humorous book at a Russellville bookstore...Stella
read this to us at lunch, very comical and right on
Slow down time...

It's blurry but this is Chloe pulling outta the driveway Tuesday morning.  I sent prayer warriors all out that day for her
commute to and from school.  Thank you to all who said a prayer.  She's made it so far but I know it's not over on
stressing about her driving on that dangerous Bay Road and in town with all the crazies and farm equipment and
dump trucks.  Keep her in your prayers please :)

Easter 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Easter 2018. I have heels on by the way

During the Easter service, Chloe put Whit's hair in a "man bun"
The whole gang on Easter...notice Stella and I traded shoes

In Sante Fe I took Chloe and Stella shopping and they both wanted Pink Floyd shirts so here they are after lunch

Chloe went to prom with Matthew Vines.  They had a great time

April 16, 2017

We had a great Easter service and a great lunch at Jeanie and Harmon's afterwards.  Her sister Kayleen and her nephew were in town from California so that made it extra fun this year.  We had a great lunch, the weather was perfect, and the had an egg toss into their lake.  Kayleen and Mark got to know Chloe better and they invited her to California to visit them and Hattie (19) and Charlie (16) her cousins.  I think she's going to go.  It should be a great experience for her.

April Fool's Day 2017

The goat that Whit brought over on April 1
Saturday, April 1, 2017

Well, the pranks just keep getting better....this year on Friday, March 31, I called Tradio, a noon a.m. radio show that allows people to call in "lost, found, for sale or trade items".  So 10 minutes before it was set to be over, I called in Martin's cell number and said he had a litter of Australian Shepherds to give a way and he got like 50 calls on his cell phone.  Then a minute later, I called in Stan's cell number and told the listeners that I had a swing set to give away for free if someone would come and get it.  When Stan answered the first call, he knew it was me and started giving out my cell....way to go!  I got a text from someone that said her daughter needed a swing set and to please call her back.  So, I did and apologized that it was a prank, I was so sad for her and thought I should have given away a lawn mower instead of a toy.

My actual April Fool's joke was plastic snakes in Stan and Martin's mailboxes and it scared the crap out of them.

So here's where it gets fun...Whit got in on the pranks this year.  He brought over a billy goat with a bell on.  He was so lonely and didn't leave my carport, and of course, pooped all in my carport and his bell rung all night long.  I called Whit that morning to come and get the goat because my dogs wanted to kill it.  Then the goat butted little Biscuit up against the door so he finally came and got him.  So Beth wanted to get me back for putting ketchup and vaseline all over her door handles last year and ordered up a plastic set of bovine testicles.  Whit brought them over and hung them on my tow hitch.  Of course they were easy to cut off with scissors but he was thinking I'd need bolt cutters to get them off but I didn't.  I'll have to see which car in Birdeye gets the balls next year, lol.

I did warn Whit that my April Fool's Jokes were between me and Stan.  Not my nephew.  But if he wants to play, it's game on.  I already have my pranks set and ready to go for next April 1 which falls on a Sunday.  Don't worry, it'll be goooooooood!!!  :)

Spring Break 2017 Santa Fe

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Chloe and Whit after their "technical" mountain bike ride

August, Stella, Whit and Chloe skiing Sante Fe

It was 80 degrees in downtown Sante Fe, 50 degrees on the mountain

This 90 year old dude made friends with our crew...

A glimpse of the technical bike ride...that means it's narrow and you have to be "on it"
not to crash

Good lord Stella!!!

Kara and I swam at Sante Fe's wonderful community center and Martin and J.Harmon took the kids ice skating
(all in the same place)

Kara rented a wonderful house 1 mile from downtown, so every night we walked to dinner, it was great
Hiking at Bandelier State Park
Sante Fe has a wonderful community center, Genoveva Chavez Community Center.  It was built through a special tax
several years ago and is run by the City of Sante Fe and Parks and Recreation.  It had a Olympic size swimming pool,
ice rink (obviously), workout rooms, classes for yoga etc etc.  Kara and I swam three days and the kids swam in the indoor pool.  It made my mouth water dreaming of having a community center
Chloe had her camera on a timer.....
At Bandelier State Park...reminded us of the Via Ferrata in Switzerland

A photo on the way to eat.  We had some wonderful meals!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Birthday August!  My precious nephew is 7 today.  We had a ball with him and the whole crew in Sante Fe this week.  We rented a vrbo house near downtown.  The first day we got there, we went to the Farmer's Market, Kara and I took a wonderful Tamale making class (And yes, I've made 5 gallons of tamales since being home and I learned a lot), we swam three mornings, rode bikes, hiked, walked everywhere and got a lot of reading done.  It was a great week in Sante Fe.  I know why Winnie Bob and JH liked it so much.  Great people, great food and a wonderful downtown.