Spring 2012, Birdeye

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here's granddad helping Chloe get old Rosie to move along,
she's stubborn and doesn't wanna give up an opportunity
to have a little oats, Chloe's got her feet in the stirrups so
 let's hope they can work it out.....:)

Chloe did her 4th Little Rockers Kids Marathon with Anna
Claire Burrow again this year.  Whit has joined them the last
two years.  They had a great time running the final mile.

I cannot tell you why Blogger is uploading pictures this way,
this was at the end of this post because it was yesterday and
not weeks ago.  Anyhow, this was the BBC cycling club that
met at my house for a St. Patrick's Day bike ride down Million
Dollar Road in Cherry Valley.  It was a ton of fun as was the
after partee.  Pictured are:  Neall, Jackie, Becca, the only one
without green!, Jimmy, Beth, me, Beth, Cecilia, Kyle, Martino
and Stan... poor Cecilia and Kyle barely got a ride in due to
their bike rolling down Hwy 64B on the way to our house then
they had chain problems and had only a 4 mile route.  The rest
of us made it the 24 miles and had a great time afterwards!  

This is Stella, Katie and Rose who were in Chloe's closet the
whole time wearing her dresses, see the pile in the window.
Chloe spent the night at Kate's so we just let them help
themselves and they did!   A great time had by all!

These were Kyle's socks that Cecilia said are a gift from his
parents after trips they go on.  I think these are vintage socks!

We had Kate Davis over again Friday night and Saturday the
girls wanted to groom Chloe's horse Sonyador.  This is them
at the farm with Rosie (brown on the nose) and Sonyador,
(white star) trying to get to the oats. There's another pony
in there that wanted some too!

Ok, blogger, this was the 2nd photo, this is the group that
all had speaking parts in the skit a month ago.

I had to take a photo of one of the roosters strutting around
the farm when we were getting the horses groomed.  He is
beautiful, just look at those tail feathers!

It's been so mild, that before school this week,
Chloe went tree climbing with her cat, Dr.Calico.
She's in Winnie Bob'sweeping cherry tree.

The beautiful Crab Apple Tree...if you could
only hear the buzz of the bees.....it's divine....

It only blooms once a year and it's fabulous...

Yes, Tony Holder of my favorite workout dvds,
p90x2, says "this is my nemesis" when it comes
to workouts that are hard for him...well this is my
nemesis, the crazy canine Gumball, that digs up
my garden and yard.  Just look at the dirt on his nose...

I couldn't believe it when Gumball's brother, Munchkin, came
into the clinic on Friday afternoon.  He lives just down the road
and is totally house trained and doesn't dig up the yard...hmmm,
why didn't we keep this one?  He is 55 lbs. though....

The evidence

More evidence
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gosh it's been such a warm winter.  The first day of Spring isn't until one day this week but I think Spring started a month ago.  I'll share some photos of what we've been up to.  I'm looking forward Chloe's Spring Break, Easter and some summer planning.  It's hard to believe that we've got so much on the calendar so far!

Little Rock Half Marathon, Little Rock

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our BBC crew with a few extras!
Thursday, May 8, 2012

We're back from Northern Oklahoma for Jackie's grandmother's funeral.  Wilma was 93 and a classic.  She decided last week to quit eating and said that she was "ready to meet God" as long as she could take her purse.  It was a neat service given by her youngest grandson Blaine Boyd.

After the Little Rock Half on Sunday, we made our way to my mom's in Edmond in route to Ponca City where her funeral was.  I was SO sore Monday morning and I should have been since I failed to pack my p90x Stretch DVD that I always do after a foot race.  I hate to brag but this was the first race ever that I still had gas in the tank and felt like I could have run another 5 miles.  I've been doing therapy with my orthopedic Dr. Jeremy Swymn for my knees and some p90X2 and I think it made a difference!  Here are the times of our BBC group that ran on Sunday.  Stan Bradshaw has made us all pay attention to times, dang it!

Full Results:

Martin Smith 4:09:00
Stan Bradshaw 4:13:38

Half Results:

Michael Hirons 1:54:51
Colley Burrow 1:55:06 (Wynne native)
Jackie Smith 2:02:35
Jimmy Huff 2:29:00

The Ladies' Half Results:

Stacey Boeckmann Riley 1:58:24  (blazing fast speed..and Ashley's sister)
Myself 2:13:13
Beth Huff 2:25:36
Beth Bradshaw 2:26:11
Ashley King 2:26:14
Kara Smith 2:27:00

Each one of these times except Jackie's were personal bests!  I am proud of our cycling crew, I think they had a great showing at Little Rock.  My first Little Rock Half was in 2007, I walked a bunch and took a big rolling fall near the Governor's Mansion.  A group of veteran runners behind me made a comment on my half block long fall that "we give that roll a 9 out of 10, that was awesome!"  I think the pothole has been fixed since then!

My time above should have an asterisk next to it because my very first half marathon was in Wynne at the Midsouth Championship Marathon and Half in 2004 with a snail pace time of 2:46...see even this old bird got betta! :)