Update, Birdeye

Sunday, June 8, 2014

RIP Eggs, Chloe's most beloved lady...she was found dead
Tuesday, May 27...Harmon did a necropsy and said she was
very thin and had a blood clot in her abdomen.  Very sad day :(

Kyra, Anastacia and Chloe at the local 5K
Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's been a busy summer so far, and Chloe's only been out since last Tuesday!  I thought I'd fill this post with photos of what we've been up to.

Junior Golf starts tomorrow, Farmfest on Friday, work and then it's Father's Day lunch followed by a bunch of stuff the next week....summer is just getting started...

Happy Summer Ya'll! :)
I've been working on a scrapbook for Father's Day to send
to our Oklahoma dads and grandfather...here's a photo I found
of Chloe with Corie (holding baby Biscuit), Audrey and Erin
in 2007 at Birdeye....my my they grown up fast :)
Mucka 5K and 10K in Wynne
Of course Chloe had to take Gumball!

Chloe said Gummy had the energy and pulled her along the 5K

This was Egg's funeral.  Notice Gummy and Biscuit who just
showed up for the burial and sat solemnly watching 

Sunday June 1 our church had brunch at our fantastic
state park, Village Creek. This is Margaret, Stella, Chloe and
Lane Frances (with bacon in her mouth)

Biscuit and Gumball

There are 6 new Salmon Faverolle chickens that we will
add to our pen in July.  Eggs has left some pretty big
shoes to fill.  She was a special chicken.

Chloe helping with the church service

Chloe took Gumball to church and afterwards she took him
to the lake to do some retrieving

Leigh Anne and I in Las Vegas,
we met over Memorial Day and
we had a fantastic dinner at
Mesa Grill

We were poolside in Vegas a bunch
and the back of that lady in red is
a lot of what we saw...hahahahaha!

Beth Huff and Ashley King at the birthday party last week
at Josie's in Waldenburg.  It was a great time!

Another view of the Palms' pool..it was packed and really
like a club poolside...lots of rap music and drinking