Little Rock Half Marathon, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stan and Beth, Jackie and Me were the only ones this year
that completed the half this year!

I took this with my cold hand at the finish line on my
thermal blanket.  I was right where I wanted to be during the
race, about 250 ish but as you can see at 9 am, one hour
into the race my blood sugar jumped off a cliff.  I had
to stop at 9:30, just a couple miles from the finish, and
drink 6 Gatorade's and 4 orange slices to try and get
it back.  I was 56 at the finish line.  That's scary.
Monday, March 10, 2014

Jackie and I completed our 6th Little Rock Half Marathon.  I was particularly excited since we got to leave Chloe at Memaw and Granddad's this year.  She's done the kids marathon and helped with Whit, Stella and August during the race the last few years and I thought this year, she would enjoy being on the farm rather in a hotel and in the crowds during the race.  She had a great time at home.

For the record, I packed my chia seeds for the race, I ate what I normally do the night before a 2 hour race, I hydrated, I slept well and I had the normal breakfast and wore my continuous blood glucose monitor like I do for every long distance race.  This year was different.  It sprinkled for the first 1/2 hour, it was cloudy and it dropped from 56 degrees to 38 at the finish line two hours later and we got 2 inches of ice and 2 inches of snow in Birdeye that night.

During the race, I felt fine averaging a 9:45 min mile, which is about right for me.  This was a year that I hadn't trained one time for a half marathon because of all the nutty weather we've had this winter.  When I got to mile 5, my knees hurt going back over the river bridge but they do every time I do this race.  At mile 6, a mile before the Governor's mansion, my blood sugar went off the cliff, literally.  I check the Dexcom sensor every mile, sip water every mile and I had a Shot Block at mile 1 and mile 4.  At mile 6, the arrows were pointing down, I turned the insulin pump off and hydrated, at mile 7 I felt like I was running in quick sand.  That's what it feels like on a bike too, when you have no sugar in your body you literally can't get anywhere, and can't get anywhere fast either.  So I stopped and drank 6 small cups of Gatorade and asked for a coke but no one had any, but they did offer me a donut.  No thanks.  So I finished off the Shot Blocks, 6 to a sleeve with 48 total grams of carbs to make it to the finish line.  My knees didn't hurt but I spent a lot of time at the mile 7 aid station and I did have to stop to use the bathroom, I didn't take the time at the startline like I should have.  Something I had to do this year and haven't in the past is put my pump and sensor in the Aquapac.  Neither can get wet which meant I had to pull that dang thing out of my shorts every mile to read it and stuff it back in.  My abs were sore the day after the race which has never happened before.

So note to self, eat 2 shot blocks per mile which is about 13 grams of carbs.  I think I'll start next year with more training too, just saying!

Chloe's Broken Arm, performing the Olympic Bobsledding move called the Skeleton, Birdeye

Chloe with her new cast on, it
was still warm at this point.  They
heat the Exos splint for fractures then
form it to her arm.  She can only take
it off during showers.  I can tell you as
of Sunday night and it being on just
5 days it stinks to high heaven (and
she hasn't been sweating either).  I
can't imagine what a cast would smell
like after 4-6 weeks, this one is already
pretty tough to be in the room with :)

We took an Xray at the vet clinic
first thinking it was just a sprain
but here you can see the break
in her ulna bone and a fracture
in her radius
This is what sledding Skeleton Style looks like...looks
really safe doesn't it?  They have a helmet on Jackie...:)

Meme gets a shout out for sending
her a bouquet of balloons and
chocolates!!! She had some very
sweet cards too!

I took a photo of her at Dr. Guinn's
office, her orthopedic doctor.  You
can still see the bump on her head
from the tree that stopped her sled
before her arm came down.  This
photo shows her Justin Timberlake
T-shirt at a great angle!!
Friday, March 7, 2014

Yep, Chloe's first broken arm happened Monday during the 2 inches of ice and 2 inches of snow we got the day of the Little Rock Half Marathon.  Chloe wanted her dad to pull her down to the Birdeye Store on his childhood sled to take photos in the snow since school was out.  They ended up following Whit to the APAC hill 1/4 mile behind Martin and Kara's house.  She and Whit were doing the Olympic Bobsled move called the Skeleton, which is head first on your stomach.  In the Olympics they use new sleds that can be turned and wear helmets and gloves...well after many fast runs down the hill and across Hwy 163, Chloe went down and off into the ditch.   A tree and her head collided first then she put her hand down to stop the sled and broke her right arm.  Needless to say we are so thankful she didn't break it in the growth plate or crush it and need surgery and pins.  A cast is a great thing in lieu of anything major.

Chloe's now 4 weeks away from the Benchmark Tests and cannot write her name.  Her teachers and counselors and the school nurse have been very sweet to her.  She's has to have someone carry her backpack and have help to do school work and tests.  She was excited about joining the 7th grade track team which starts track tomorrow.  Coach Sherland said that she could help the team with scoring and Coach Whitaker at the junior high said she could run track.  We'll see about that, we have a follow-up appointment with her orthopedic doctor on Friday.  I was totally fired up about Chloe's piano recital last Friday, which she obviously can't do.  She'd been working on her difficult piece for about 3 months, having it memorized for Junior Music Club.  Looks like we'll have to hope she doesn't get too rusty and will be able to perform at May's recital.  We hope the 4-6 weeks will be no more than 4!
Chloe's right hand may make some "F's" this semester...
I can hardly read this!

Heddy, new foster dog, Birdeye

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014
Heddy, an 8 month old shepherd/lab mix, is adorable.  Chloe
prides herself in photography.  She took this!
 We have a new foster.  I know right?  You expected this.  She's about 8 months old and a mix breed.  She's crate trained and excellent with kids, cats and other dogs.  She does like her own food bowl, so watch out.  Chloe's got her leash trained and she's learning the rules.  Let me know if you know if you have room in your home for this precious baby.  Spay and Neuter People.  I'm just saying.  It's good for the pet and most importantly good for your community.
Chloe staged this one.  She's very sweet and loves petting.

This is Otis, the thoroughbred next door.  All photos were
taken by Chloe...I love this one

The ladies...they follow Chloe around the yard for
scratch.  When they come running, it sounds like a herd
of dogs I swear!

Good head shot of Eggs

Essie Mae


Chloe set her camera for a selfie...on a 10 second timer,
this is the first shot

Here's the second...Chloe had Dr. Calico in her hands, slipped
backwards and look at what the camera got.  HAHAHA!

Another great shot taken by Chloe.  Look at the ice


Dr. Calico