Hugo's, Fayetteville

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gosh, I just love Hugo's! One of my pledge sisters, Dana Sherwood Holroyd, introduced me to this hip restaurant located in the basement of a building right off the downtown square. It's been there since 1977 and offers a fabulous menu. It was just before noon when we arrived and the place was filling up. We were promptly seated and ordered up tea and a milk for Chloe.

During my college years, I always would get the Derek's Special, a marinated chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato with honey mustard on a Kaiser roll. Holy moly, that's a good sandwich. But today, I ventured out and ordered the Black and Bleu Chicken Sandwich. It's a blackened chicken breast with bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and a cilantro and lime aioli. WOW, that was a fabulous sandwich. The Kaiser roll is so dang big, I had to tear pieces off it to get my mouth around it! Man, I wish I was in Fayetteville right now....

One hitch on Hugo's is they don't offer a kids menu. Our waitress said she could have the cook make up a grilled cheese so Chloe quickly ordered it up. She loved it and I loved that it was on whole wheat bread served with potato chips and a pickle. Coco loves pickles. To be honest, I don't remember what Jackie ordered, I think it was a catfish po-boy, I do remember he loved the bread his sandwich was on.

No dessert for us, we were headed out to get on our bikes for an afternoon bike ride. You must put Hugo's on your list when going to this college town. They will not disappoint. And Chloe and I can report that the ladies room is updated (since Dana and I used to go there in the 80's) and it was in perfect shape.

I added pictures from meeting up with college roommate Aricka Harris Finger and her two sweet boys, Jackson and Sam, at PF Changs in Rogers, a picture from outside the stadium with Counts Louise and Stephen Shanks, Alexis Ghormley Smith's mom and Michael Huff and one of Chloe, Duke, the yellow lab and cousins Counts Elizabeth and Allie on Sunday morning. Fun times in Fayetteville, I miss this great town!

Hugo's, 25-1/2 N. Block, Fayetteville, Ark., 479-521-7585,

Jose's, Fayetteville

Saturday, October 29, 2010

What a beautiful day for a football game! Jackie and I made our way to Dickson Street to have lunch at one of my favorite places. Jose's has been a landmark Mexican restaurant on Dickson Street for forever. We used to eat here during college in the 80's. It's been remodeled and they've added an Italian restaurant next door. Luckily today, with a 6 pm kickoff, the patio wasn't packed so we sat at a table in the shade.

My favorite thing on Jose's menu is the Veggie Tacos. Two flour tortillas filled with guacamole, lettuce, cheese, black olives, mushrooms, pico and sesame seeds and it's served with all the house chips and salsa you want. I loved these tacos and I swear they had some sprouts on there too. Jackie had enchiladas and loved them. A band started up about an hour after we were there and played a lot of songs we all know. They also played a totally random Bonnie Rait love song and one from the guy that sang Oh Maggie, what was his name?? Anyhow, we loved the excellent lunch and relaxing day on the patio.

We love to park at the Walton Arts Center on Dickson for football games and walk over to the stadium. I added pictures from the campus, it was beautiful and filled with lots of fall color. We split a sitter with Counts Louise and Stephen so Chloe could play with her cousins Counts Elizabeth, Allie and Stephen, junior. They had a great time and always pick up where they leave off.

I just love Jose's food and landmark atmosphere. Be sure and get there hungry, those chips and salsa could almost feed you for lunch. And get the veggies tacos, I added some Japs to it and it was great! I think we'll have enchiladas or tacos for dinner tonight...

Jose's, 324 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, Ark 479-521-0194

Fayetteville Bike Ride

Friday, October 29, 2010

We try and make it up to Fayetteville for a football game every year and were excited about making it the Vanderbilt/Arkansas game. We let our football season tickets go this year and what a relief that's been. There's nothing crazier than 9 home games and having to figure out how to get the tickets sold. So it's been an easier year as a Hog fan. Jackie knew the Hogs would beat Vandy, and they did, but the Commodores played a good first quarter at least.

We pulled Chloe from school today and headed to the square in downtown Fayetteville. We packed our bikes to ride the Fayetteville bike lanes from the square down to the mall. After a fabulous lunch at Hugo's, we started on Fayetteville's new bike lanes off of Church Street. We took the trail past Dickson street parallel to Gregg all the way to Johnson. Chloe said her rear was sore so we went to the new Target and believe it or not, they had a seat cushion to put on top of your existing seat. She loved it on the way back.

Overall it was an easy, 12 mile route. Chloe did great even at the end of it she announced, "momma, I can't make it, I'm so tired," so I walked both our bikes near Dickson Street. It was downhill to Church Street and our car was parked behind Hugo's. Luckily the City of Fayetteville had trick or treating on the square right as we got back to the car so we walked around and enjoyed it. Chloe wasn't dressed up but did get some candy from the firefighters and businesses on the square. I added a picture also from tailgating with Counts Louise and Stephen before the game. They were so gracious to host us even though her grandmother died and they were in Felton for her funeral. They met us at the tailgate and we enjoyed the beautiful weather. We saw lots of Wynne people going to the game.

Gosh, take your bikes and enjoy Fayetteville's bike lanes. They are open to runners and bikers and have yielding red lights to stop traffic when you cross streets. There were a ton of people out on the trails and we had a great time.

Check out the City of Fayetteville's website! They are a very green and forward thinking city!

P90X, Birdeye

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay this Saturday morning I did my favorite dvd...P90X. I saw it on TV the night before the Little Rock Marathon in March. I knew my knees were totally bad before the event but when I crossed the finish line, I had bone on bone pain in my knees and crippling pain in my hips. I decided that Monday morning that I would get this DVD. Yes, I paid $150 for it but have loved, loved it. I haven't LOST A POUND...but I just know I can really beat someone up in an! I have the pull up bar in my kitchen...I have to confess I can barely even now do ONE pull up without my toe on a chair. This morning I did my usual workout before work and Tu Jaque was totally passed out on the couch, as usual, and I paused in between Warrior Three and Half Moon on p90x yoga (my goodness, it's a tough, tough routine but I love, love it) and took a picture of him...I needed a break after 30 vinyasa's.

As a former half marathoner and Cathe Fredrick lover, I highly recommend p90x. Get your weights at Craigs List and go to town. If you're like me, you work out 6 days a week and still eat like you should be, out of the garden with plenty of olive oil...

I added pictures of Chloe pulling Biscuit on her times...

Honey Crisps

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Honey Crisps, where have you been all my life? Kara introduced me to this apple that is ready at the grocery store every fall. I usually don't buy apples unless it's a Granny Smith for a pie. But this little red and yellow skinned fella is pretty darn good. The ones I've bought here are thin skinned and juicy and crunchy in the middle. I've had bad apples before like a Red Delicious that's been hanging around too long and the Gala can be too sour. I tried to get Chloe to try a wedge this morning dipped in peanut butter but she wouldn't try it. I guilted her a little bit when I remarked that I couldn't beleive my fourth grader wouldn't try it. She's a big fan of peanut butter in a spoon heading to school and I thought it just might work but...I am proud to say we count five fruits and vegetable servings everyday before she gets a freezer cookie before bed. I do have to work on the serving size, she counts a half a banana as a serving but Whit eats a whole banana without even blinking and he's just in Kindergarten. I wish I had started sooner with Chloe's diet and I just now have her on organic milk. It's never too late to start recycling and buying organic milk Wendy always says. I think I'll try another Honey Crisp wedge after school today on Chloe, wish me luck!

Poblano Peppers et all, Birdeye

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a nice surprise to come home from Kentucky and have my pepper bushes bringing on the fruit even in this drought. These are poblanos, banana peppers, jalapenos, bells and serranos. I was so excited to freeze theses guys after Joy told me to freeze my peppers. I'm looking forward to gettin them out this winter. I love, love poblanos in my Mexican cooking. One recipe that I love from a cookbook my mom gave me, "Wild About Mexican Cooking", back when I was a senior at Fayetteville, uses roasted green chiles. Here's how to use those bad boys...

Spinach Enchiladas

1-10 oz. can chicken soup
8 oz. sour cream, I always, always use lite
1/2 C. chopped, peeled, roasted green chiles, I always use poblanos
1-10 oz. package frozen spinach, thawed and drained
2 T. minced onion, I always grate a white onion from the garden
2 C. chopped cooked chicken
3/4 C. minced onion, I grate it
1 lb. Monterrey Jack cheese, shredded, I use Colby Jack
12 corn tortillas
1 C. chicken broth, I never use this

Combine soup, sour cream, chilies, spinach and 2 tablespoons onion in blender and process till smooth. Combine chicken, onion, HALF the cheese in a bowl and mix. Soften tortillas in chicken broth. Spoon chicken mixture into tortillas, roll to enclose filling and arrange in baking dish. (Spray a casserole with non-stick cooking spray) Top with spinach mixture and remaining cheese. Bake 325 for 30 minutes. How easy is this?? I also make one recipe, freeze half of it for later, it's great.

I always serve with Black Beans topped with tomatoes, cilantro and the rest of that onion and salt and pepper. And if my greens are producing in the garden, a small wild salad with goat cheese and balsamic. Yes, a salad is crazy but I love it.

To roast poblanos or any other peppers, I spray some aluminum foil with non-stick cooking spray (rinse peppers FIRST) and put in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes. You will smell them at 5 minutes and they should be turned. When you take them out of the oven, let them cool for a minute or so and place in a brown paper bag. This will allow the skins to fall off and makes deveining them a cinch. Any pepper will do, you can roast anything even japs and bananas and bells, and it works just as well, I've tried it!

Giuseppe's Ristorante, Lexington

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

After a fun and relaxing day at Keeneland, we ventured to this Italian restaurant Kara found on the Internet as one of the top three restaurants in Lexington. We arrived on time for our 6:30 reservations and the place was packed.

We were seated right away and enjoyed bottles of a Chianti that Beth and Kara ordered. Luckily they shared with me and Stan, the appetizer orderer, had a scallop special coming as well as the fried artichoke hearts with a horseradish sauce and lots of crusty, hot french bread was on the table with plenty of butter.

For dinner, I stuck with the generic Spaghetti with Marinara and nearly ate the whole thing! Believe it or not, I didn't do a great job of keeping up with what everyone else ordered here but we all loved it and they were plentiful with water and offering fresh grated Parmesan cheese. We skipped dessert and headed back to Berea so we could hit the road early in the morning.

If you are ever in Lexington, make sure Giuseppe's is on your radar, it will not disappoint!

I added a picture from Keeneland and one of Kara, Beth and I at the track. It was a beautiful day at the races. We all commented that Keeneland takes it up a notch compared to our track Oaklawn in Hot Springs. It was neat to see so many people totally dressed up for a day at the track. We hope to make it an annual trip, minus the distilleries!

Giuseppe's Ristorante, 4456 Nicholasville, Lexington, 859-272-4269

Picnic on the Porch, Woodford Reserve Distillery

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We arrived at Woodford Reserve Distillery from Berea at 12:30 pm. We took a morning bike ride around the city and saw its arts section, college and downtown. The drive to Woodford was absolutely beautiful. The trees were turning and the rolling hills in the heart of Kentucky, were breathtaking. The distillery is hidden near Versailles and Midway, Kentucky, in the middle of huge Thoroughbred farms. The roads are narrow with no shoulder or road paint marking which lane is yours because the road basically fits 1-1/2 cars. We enjoyed the easy trip commenting about how the fences are uniform, black pine, and what it would be like to live there or even own one. I'm really sad I didn't get more pictures of the drive.

When we arrived we had planned on taking the tour of the distillery at 1 pm but it was an hour tour and we hadn't had lunch yet so we decided to tour the building, get a sip of the bourbon and have lunch on its patio. The little deli had wonderful choices for lunch. I chose the chicken wrap with spinach, feta, olives and aioli. Each sandwich comes with chips and a pickle. I added the bourbon gelato that we all shared and enjoyed. It reminded me of a root beer float. I loved the gelato and that wrap. We sat outside under an umbrella, the porch was filling up when we headed in to try a sample of some Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Oh the the way, I've never been a fan of any drink other than some Chardonnay or Cabernet. When we got our sample, about a half an ounce (1 tablespoon), the guy behind the bar serving it said to take a little sip and warned us that it could be a little "spicy" as it goes down and to expect our throats and stomachs to get warmed up. Kara sipped hers first and yelped, "whoa!". I was next and a larger whoa was out of my mouth and I think some heads turned around to see who that was! He said on the second sip we could add an ice cube to help tone it down a notch which I totally wanted! The second sip was just as rough as the first one I thought. Then he said we could add a dash of spring water to it to make it even easier. That third sip was just as nasty as my first "whoa". The server noticed my face as I tried the bourbon and said, "that's the kind of drink to have in front of the fire in winter to get you warmed up," and I thought there is no way I'd drink something like that to warm me up in front of a fire, I prefer just some plain ole hot chocolate.

Experiencing Woodford Reserve was really neat and lunch on the patio was great. The boys had toured the Marker's Mark and Heaven Hill Distilleries the day before and said they were really something. Each distillery has tall barns filled with bourbon barrels to the ceiling, like hundreds of barrels in each one. It was absolutely beautiful and now I know I don't have to waste my time to see another bourbon distillery, I'd rather take a tour in Sonoma County.

Picture is Martin and Kara and Beth and Stan Bradshaw.

Picnic on the Porch, Woodford Reserve, 7855 McCracken Park, Versailles, KY 859-879-1812

Bistro La Belle, Midway, KY

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beth, Kara and I finally arrived in Versailles, Kentucky at Keeneland, after stopping in Nashville to have lunch with cousin Blaine Smith. I was so tired but not as whooped as Jackie, Martin and Stan who had ridden a total of 90 miles by Friday. They left Birdeye Wednesday to tour the Bourbon distilleries and ride bikes. Today they had put on 40 miles in hills and straight line winds. They compared our Vanndale hill at home to the ones they had to battle in Kentucky except they said it was like 12 Vanndale hills in a row with no breaks. They were certainly proud about their ride and were ready for dinner. We loaded them up and headed 5 minutes from Keeneland to Midway, Kentucky.

The town had a wonderful downtown and there were several restaurants up and down the strip. Kara picked Bistro La Belle, after a short fifteen minute wait, we were seated and crazy Lisa was our waitress. She and Kara immediately hit it off and bantered back and forth during the meal. I think it started with Kara asking her about one of the specials. Very funny.

The restaurant was casual with different country looking tablecloths on every table and country style chairs. They had couches up front set up like a mis-matched living room. There was a long, packed dining room next door to the couches, that was country looking as well. We enjoyed hearing about the bike stories and sipping our wine while waiting for a table.

Stan was the appetizer orderer in our group. He ordered the Chesapeake Oysters that were Panko crusted and served with a green onion remoulade sauce that Kara said was spicy. I didn't have one but Jackie said it was as good as his favorite oysters at Felicia Suzanne's in Memphis. They served warm, fresh baked crusty french bread that was great and hit the spot with my unoaked Chardonnay from Chile (I forgot to write it down!).

For dinner, I had my first Hot Brown. Jackie and I intended to get one on our May trip to Louisville for a wedding but it didn't happen. This super rich, baked sandwich comes in a casserole dish. It has country ham and smoked turkey (Kara tried it too and we weren't sure it had bread in it...) covered in a bechamel sauce topped with tomatoes, smoked bacon, cheddar and asiago cheese and broiled until "hot brown". It was so rich but I really liked it. Jackie had the Mr. B's Crispy Crispy that was thin, crumb crusted chicken breasts served over linguine, artichokes and lemon caper butter and asiago cheese. He loved it as well.

Kara ordered dessert which was bread pudding with a vanilla bean and peanut butter ice cream. She said it was divine and wasn't too sure about the peanut butter with the bread pudding but she said they pulled it off and loved it.

After the boys recovered with a good meal and lots of unsweet ice tea, we loaded up and headed to Berea, Kentucky about 45 minutes away. Midway is a neat, small town that is located just minutes from Keeneland. It was surrounded by miles of fences and horse farms. October was the perfect month to tour it, the trees were changing and it was just beautiful.

Bistro La Belle, 121 E. Main Street, Midway, KY 859-846-4233

SATCO, Nashville

Friday, October 14, 2010

Beth, Kara and I loaded up our bikes Friday morning to meet the boys at Keeneland Race Track in Versailles, Kentucky. I thought it would be so fun to have lunch with cousin Blaine Smith, who is getting her PHD at Vanderbilt and my cousin Amy Dickey, who is getting her MD at Vanderbilt. Amy was doing a rotation in China so just Blaine joined us at SATCO, one of Jackie's favorite restaurants on the edge of Vanderbilt's campus.

The place was packed! We tried to park right next to SATCO, but the security guard said is was for Panera Bread customers only. Even our smiles and winks wouldn't let us park there, he meant business. When Jackie was in school there it was the same way. Parking is an issue, just turn back behind the restaurant and park by a meter or like we did in a 2 hour parking spot on the street.

The line was long to order but when we made it up to the order counter, you get your slip of paper and pencil and write it down to hand it to the cashier. Blaine recommended the chicken fajita taco and I also ordered the guacamole taco and queso and chips. You can get refills of chips and all the salsa and pico de gallo you want, spicy or mild. I added the hot pico and salsa to my tray and thoroughly enjoyed it. That pico was spicy with onion, japs and lots of cilantro. And I have to say that queso was one of my favorites ever.

We sat outside on the patio at a table in the shade and enjoyed our tacos and the conversation. Blaine said her classes were going well and she was teaching a graduate writing class with 20 students. She said she loves it and has 2-1/2 years left. She's into yoga and recently saw Nicole Kidman in her yoga class. She said she was beautiful!

SATCO certainly delivers delicious tacos and queso and I recommend getting a table out on the patio. Buckets of beer are super popular, most of the patio people were enjoying their ales. Our unsweet tea was okay but I am a critic of brewed unsweet iced tea. My favorite is Starbucks and my second favorite is McDonald's because it's strong and only $1.

Pictured is Kara, Blaine, Beth and me.

San Antonio Taco Company, 412 21st. Ave South, Nashville, 615-327-4322

Bronte Bistro, Davis Kidd Bookstore, Memphis

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I stopped at this midtown Memphis bookstore after doing a ton of errands Wednesday. I had my quarterly appointment with my endocrinologist of 14 years, Dr. Sacks, who I adore. I still had time to burn before they had my car repaired so I went to Davis Kidd to look for my favorite Crane Christmas cards. I couldn't believe they didn't have them! So I had a late lunch at the bistro inside the store. I rarely get a chance to read the Memphis Flyer and Skirt magazines alone and I thoroughly enjoyed the hour by myself!

I have always loved this bookstore where you can get your Orpheum tickets, cards, books and a good lunch while there. My waitress Nika was fabulous. Since I was a table of one, she seated me in a low traffic area of the restaurant and got my order rolling. She recommended the Blue Cheese Tomato Soup over the Mushroom and I paired it with a half sandwich. There are a ton of sandwich choices and I settled for the Vegetarian Greek Wrap. It boasted red onion, kalamata olives, spinach, feta cheese, artichokes and tomatoes topped with rosemary lemon aioli. The half wrap and cup of soup were hearty and the perfect size.

Nika had the check and I was thrilled to get going across town to get my car and head home. Bronte was clean, quiet and half full. I enjoyed my time with magazines and a chance to not talk to anyone. If I had planned it better, I'd have arrived earlier to finish that magazine.

Bronte Bistro, Davis Kidd Bookstore, 901-374-0881

Rendezvous, Memphis

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackie! Jackie wouldn't let me throw a party or do anything for his 40th, so I settled for dinner at the famous rib restaurant in Memphis, the Rendezvous. It's located in an alley between 3rd and Union Avenue in downtown Memphis. We parked at Parking Can Be Fun, a notorious parking garage on Union Avenue between Main and Front Street. It's notorious because no matter where we are going to in downtown Memphis, Jackie always, and I mean always, parks here. It's usually $2 which you can beat anywhere. One time in 2006, we had dinner reservations for our group of 14 and were running late. We had to go all the way to the roof and quickly parked, kinda slanted, and when we got back to the car we had a rude note on the windshield. It said, "blank you, learn how to park your tractor". It was in my Expedition and we had closely parked to a Mercedes Benz. Go figure.

We had a huge party slated for the Rendezvous and had 5 drop out at the last minute. So it was mainly family and biking buddies. I loved, loved that we had only a 10 minute wait and had a server that has been there for at least 15 years, Rob Jr, server number 13 on my receipt. Jackie and I first went to the Rendezvous in 1991 I believe. I'll have to ask him if that's the right year. We've gone several times with large groups, one time with Tom B., Jackie's uncle and had a blast before an Ole Miss game. It was rowdy to say the least.

Tonight was low key which I like. I think Becca and I were the only outsiders when ordering. Everyone else got the "full rib order". We both had a chopped chicken sandwich with their famous homemade cole slaw and beans. I have to say, I love both of them, love, love them! We did start off with a cheese and sausage platter, I'd say 4 of them. These are long log looking Colby cheese sticks, smoked sausage, dill pickle spear, banana peppers and all topped with a few shakes of their famous Rendezvous rub. And saltine crackers in little packages on the side. I have to say this is a great tradition, and I don't like appetizers, but this one is a must. I believe the only beer they serve in pitchers is any Michelob product.

As the driver of the gang and a cake on the table and Martin itching to go see his Oklahoma State Cowboys play on a random Thursday night (and OSU really stinks this year), I loaded the crew up and headed for The Blue Monkey that Neall and Becca recommended for TV watching. Just a few short blocks away, walking was way too far, we arrived to a half empty restaurant. We had cake and delicious unsweet tea, Kara and I agreed. The cake was made by Cathy Helton, a local cake maker that I adore, it was the most delicious Coconut Cream Cake, Jackie's favorite. Singing Happy Birthday to both Jackie and youngen Becca was a ton of fun. It's great to celebrate birthdays with good friends.

Make sure the Rendezvous and the Blue Monkey get on your list of restaurants. We loved both of them.

Rendezvous, downtown alley behind 52 South Second, Memphis, 901-523-2746 You can have ribs and anything off the menu FEDEXED to you, how wonderful!

The Blue Monkey, 512 S. Front, Memphis 901-527-6665

East Arkansas Harvest Dinner, Birdeye

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kara and Martin were hosts for the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas' Harvest Dinner. The Alliance mission is to preserve the treasures of Arkansas's heritage in its historic structures and landscapes. Martin is in his first year, I believe, in serving on the state-wide board. He offered up a stop at his house built in 1903 by Jackie and his great-great-grandfather. The Alliance Ramble started in Little Rock that morning, stopped in several cities across the state and ended at their home with a seated dinner for 100 guests.

The weather was fabulous and Kara and so many things planned (I just know I won't do her justice here). She rented tables and linens, borrowed salad bowls, wine glasses, chairs and table decorations and had her fabulous parents and a cousin in tow working like dogs the whole weekend. When Jackie and I showed up at 4 pm, her three kids and Chloe were settling in at my house with a sitter, this huge wind was brewing up. When I say wind, it was like being in Oklahoma City (my hometown). I always refer to it as the Oklahoma wind. This was ten times stronger than that. It was like a dust bowl. Kara had seating for 24 on the west side of the house, and about 40 on the west and front porches. Wine glasses blew over, centerpieces crashed, plates, napkins and plates flew off tables. Jackie, Martin and I were braving the wind picking it all up and trying to come up with plan B. The wind didn't die down until near event time at 6 pm.

While they figured out where to move the 24 seats that were in the straight line winds, I helped get the appetizers and salad rolling that was farmed out to volunteers. The dinner was catered by Helen McClain, Fabulous Foods in Marianna, that did Kara's birthday dinner for her. Here's how the menu card read:

The Alliance
To support the local region and sustainable agriculture, the menu items are from within 75 miles of Birdeye, Arkansas

Mixed Field Greens with blueberry vinaigrette

Delta Sole with creole crawfish sauce
Southern Greens
Praline Sweet Potatoes
Wild Rice
Pocketbook Rolls

Bread Pudding with bourbon sauce
Homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream

I have to say that the meal was divine from what I heard. I was in the kitchen the entire time but have heard from so many people in town that the food was phenomenal. Kara made the entire dessert for everyone. She had her dad make the homemade ice cream all day long and the bread pudding was a cinch. I thought it was really nice of Helen to let Kara farm out the appetizers to the arts council and historical society and let her make dessert. Not many caterers allow this. Kara also had the local JPC girls serving and they did a tremendous job. Those girls worked so hard getting everyone served appetizers, served plates even though the vegans spoke up and asked what they could have, and did a great job under supervision, of getting 100 glasses washed, and everything in tip top shape for Kara. Gold star ladies!

So a shout out goes to Martin and Kara who fed 100 people seated, to the many, many volunteers who helped and to Helen McClain of Fabulous Foods. It was a wonderful event and everyone had a great time. And note to self, don't set the mounds of trash out the back door so you can continue the clean up, the stray dogs will take it across your yard.

Pictures from the event: view from the front door, the bus arriving, Kara and I, and a picture of 100 guests being served (I wish you could see them all), amazing! I need to go on listing the people that helped but dang it, I know I'd forget Kara had an art show of local artists Pat Crase and Michael Etheridge!

Helen McClain,,, 901-574-2285

Gearhead, Jonesboro

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well today I made another trip to my local bike shop. The closest bike shop is Gearhead in Jonesboro. It's owned and operated by Ted and Amanda Herget since 1997. They moved to their current location in downtown Jonesboro in 2003. It's a fabulous shop with running, cycling, kayaking, triathlon and lots of kids gear as well. Ted is a triathlete and organizes weekend bike rides to Birdeye with his group of buddies...yes that is 70 miles round trip! Amazing! I give them a shout out, especially Jason, my bike repair man. He's worked on my Specialized Dolce road bike as well as my hand-me-down mountain bike and Chloe's bike. He's always super nice and gets it done while I run other errands in town. I love this new sport we've been doing now for a year and a half. You'll love Gearhead too. Be sure to check out the "specials" corner in the rear of the store where you can get really great bargains on Merrells, Keens, Northface and lots of other items.

I added a photo of our recent mountain bike ride at Village Creek State Park. We tried to float a keg that Martin had at his Harvest dinner (notice it in the rear of the truck!) Pictured is Beth Malone, Martin, Jackie, Neall and Becca Jackson, Beth Bradshaw, me, Tammy Beaton, Jimmy Huff and Trent Beaton.

Gearhead Outfitters, 230 S. Main, Jonesboro 870-910-5569