Chicago 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Wendy and Eran live within walking distance of Ayelet and Maytal's elementary school... so we all got to walk them one morning.  It was great fun to do that, I'm so jealous.  They walk in the rain too as you can tell....

Chloe and Jackie outside the Shubert Theater in Chicago

Chloe's Christmas present was tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago

I don't know how Jackie got tickets on the third row, but it was great.
Chloe was smiling from the first act to the last...
It really was a wonderful show....

Outside the Chicago Institute of Art downtown

We got in a Cubs game, it was COLD and windy....

The Bean

Chicago Public Library

We went to the symphony twice that week while staying with Wendy. It was so fun
to see Psycho with the CSO doing the score.  We loved it

And when we got back, we got a Birdeye Bicycle Club bike ride in....
Chloe in from of Wendy's picture at the CSO....dang I'm short!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We got a way a few days after school was out in May to see Hamilton in Chicago, see Wendy play with the Chicago Symphony, catch a Cubs game and see Chicago.  It was a fun trip.  We ate good food too while there.  Eran cooked for us one night and man, he is talented.  Wendy's got it made! :) It was great catching up with her and seeing Maytal and Ayelet.  They're growing up so fast!

Hamilton was really wonderful.  Jackie got us seats on the third row and Chloe was smiling from start to finish.  It was so good that we all cannot wait to see it again.

You can tell in these pictures that we had to borrow Wendy's jackets because it was really breezy.