My 2013 Lists, Birdeye

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This is Eggs, Chloe's French chicken that she's had eating out
of her hands this winter break...Chloe's a great photographer

Essie Mae Christmas morning

We had the Shanks' and Smith's over right after Christmas
for after Christmas fun!

Grandad's tie that Chloe gave him for Christmas

Wynne Presbyterian's Tree during the Christmas Eve service

Birdeye Geese on our way to Birmingham Jan. 3

That's a lot of birds

The after bowl game dinner in Birmingham

Christmas at Harmon and Jeanie's

We hosted the BBC's After Christmas Party Jan. 18...drum roll
please...front row:  Johnny and Beverly Edwards, Beth Bradshaw,
Cecelia Killough, Lisa Blanton, and Mel Harvey (standing)
second row: Jody and Stephanie Hodges, Sarah Cook,
Robert Beaton, Ashley King (holding Sarah Alyce, youngest member of the BBC),
Lauren Dodson, Jerry Harvey.  Back row: Stan Bradshaw, Michael Hirons,
Joy Shepherd, Jackie behind, Kara and Martin Smith, Chuck Blanton,
Jon David King, Kyle Killough, Trent Beaton and Bryce Dodson.
Not pictured, me and Tammy Beaton

The church's candlelight service was neat
The parachuters at the bowl game

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I like to reflect on the past year of things that Chloe's up to, things I'm reminded to be thankful for and things that crack me up.  Cheers to the list!

My 2013 funny and amazing things:

-Cat Sail video on YouTube hahahahahaha!  We’ve watched it about 2 million times…
-TuJague’s leg in my driveway (during her Christmas break around Dec. 29, 2012 she was outside playing in the yard and yells, “Mom, mom.  I think Tu Jague’s leg is out here”.  We put him to sleep in October 2012.  And it was, Gumball dug it up and brought it to the driveway.  I told you we have a love/hate relationship)
-Mike Ross’ Christmas Card (I don’t think he has a publicist)
-Chloe introducing me to the prank gift boxes at Wal-Mart, I laughed until I cried and had a crowd gathered around me as I wiped the tears away
-My BBC email accidentally got in the paper last May when we rescheduled our Bike To Work cookout due to the rain.  It invited all readers to come over with mac and cheese for the kids and celebrate Beth Huff’s birthday.  Hahahahahaha!
-Miley Cyrus’ twerking dance on the MTV Music Awards, what was she thinking?  What was that outfit?
-My insulin pump failure in the middle of the Katy Trail without my long acting insulin or syringes (What a dumb person I was by trying to pack light.  I had to check into an Emergency Room in Missouri to get syringes because the pharmacies were all closed on a Monday night…)
-Zipper’s death when we were at my step mom’s funeral. 
-Chloe and I fostered 18 cats and dogs with successful adoptions.  Spay and Neuter people.  It’s that simple.  Do it for your community and the health of your pet.
-During Chloe’s 7th grade tea, I stepped on a piece of Biscuit’s poo and had to played like it was mud but it was stinky poo
-Whit can eat an entire Subway footlong in a single sitting.  Chloe claims he takes advantage of Grandad when Grandad picks up after school and Whit orders a hamburger with extra onion and extra pickle and a 24 pack of chicken McNuggets…or his own medium hand tossed Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza
-Kara’s Sonic Lunches (she eats leftovers in her car and orders a Sonic tea, lol)
-I backed into a pole at Sam’s last October and have a dent in my bumper that Jackie hasn't seen yet, thankfully
-Watching Chopped and Restaurant Impossible and Chloe's newest is Hotel times!
-My good friend Joy found her birth mother and her birth father’s family.  It’s a priceless story that is still unfolding
-August rode his bike over to our house in June.  He had turned 3 in March
-Chloe started wearing contacts
-My family survived planning and directing our 4th Kids Marathon and 3rd Kids Triathlon
-Chloe learned how to swim freestyle 200 yards (and a shout out to Memaw who made sure she took swimming lessons over the summer)
-I bought 11 tickets on Stub Hub for Justin Timberlake’s the 20/20 Experience Tour at FedEx Forum and four of them were counter fit.  Stub Hub gave me credit back for them.

-I called the owner of our local paper about starting a column based on physical fitness, local races and bike rides and he was on board from the start.  The Active Life is what we call it in the weekly Wynne Progress.  Kara and I are very thankful for our family of writers who help with column ideas and the list continues to grow.  Thanks Laura Wood, Neall Jackson, Lisa Blanton, Kyle and Cecelia Killough.
-Jackie, at a Cross County Community Foundation Meeting (in front of everyone) said, “HEY, Keeli! We’re starting the meeting!” He grumbled because of the small talk in the crowd. Chloe and I continue to laugh out loud...hahahaha1

2013 things I'm thankful for:

-Food on the table. I love to cook and grow my own ingredients
-A roof over our heads when others don't
-A job I enjoy and am very thankful for
-Our health, here's to many more healthy years!
-Our neat church with our new pastor, Wynne Presbyterian Church is thriving and serving our community
-Family, we're so blessed and I'm thrilled Chloe will have lots of cousins to hang with as she grows
-The "how to do your hair in 50 different braids" from Santa.  It's been a God-send since Christmas Morning....:)
-Chloe's love of her animals and friends even though we have to push her to stay in touch with her friends.
-Piano for Chloe, she's beginning to love to practice.  I know, what?  She loves to practice
-A great school for Chloe that's challenging and safe
-Medicine and technology-I took it for granted on the Katy Trial this summer
-We survived another Turkey Trot 5K with Chloe and Jackie and I a few Half Marathons, 10K's and lots of bike rides plus that ole Big Dam Bridge 50 miler
-I almost died in my driveway in August while choking on a piece of pizza while walking and talking on the phone.  I was literally seconds from death.  I'm not kidding.  I am slowing down this year and cutting back on the multi-tasking...
-Laughter.  We must laugh at ourselves, it's energy building
-Forgiveness is a gift.  Let go of the grudge, it's only holding you down.  Forgive others as you want to be forgiven.
-If I've left out something...speak up! :)
Happy New Year!
I love this photo of Biscuit at Memaw and Grandad's pond
Love the action shot by Chloe

RIP Matchie...Memaw and Grandad lost him the weekend
we got the flash flood Friday, Dec. 20.  He never came home
during the 8 inches.  He was a great shelter dog.  We miss him!

Neon Pig Cafe and Grocery, Tupelo

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Here's Chloe at the Rotary
fundraiser the other night

Here we are in the box...front row
is Drew McGraw, Crime, Carter McGraw,
 and Mary Meadows
Back row LJ McGraw, Chloe, me
Jackie and Bing

Here's a view of Legion Field
Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014

Happy New Year!  I don't know about you, but I'm glad 2013 is in the past and I'm looking forward to 2014.  We're just back from Birmingham where we saw Vanderbilt crush the Houston Cougars at the BBVA Compass Bowl at Legion Field. (I know, that's a cooky name for a bowl, it's right up there with the old Poulan Weedeater Bowl). I'm not one to compare college or NFL stadiums but Legion Field was a great stadium.   (Thank you Kathy for reading the blog.  Yes I know it's the Seminoles not the sweet gators playing Monday!)  Makes me crack up :). Hahahahahaha!

I'm thankful for Yelp on my phone that sent us to the Neon Pig in Tupelo Friday for lunch.  This cafe reminds me a lot of the Trolley Stop in Memphis.  It's a short jaunt off US 78 and is worth every bite.  From their website they are: neon pig is an old-school butcher shop, a food bar, and has one of the best craft beer selections in mississippi. this is not a chain restaurant!  we strive to bring old-fashioned goodness back into the food industry by specializing in house-cured meats. we are homemade & handmade, and we love our local farms! save tupelo, buy local!

I ordered the special, of course, which was the Salmon Tacos.  The food is served on a thick, brown paper towel.  The three tacos were served open faced with pickled red onions, pico and two homemade sauces, one tangy, one sweet, like hoisin.  They were divine.  Chloe opted for the kids grilled cheese and she wasn't impressed but ate about half of it.  All plates come with a bag of chips and they only had spicy jalapeno chips or bbq so that didn't impress CoCo.  Jackie ordered their Smash Burger and said it was the best hamburger he'd ever had.  And this was at 11:20 am on a Friday in Tupelo, Mississippi.  So I guess there's something to it.  The Smash Burger is aged sirloin, like a steak burger.  The pickled onion, homemade kaiser roll and sweet, tangy sauce was excellent.  He ate every crumb.

If you're ever in the Northern part of Mississippi, make the 3 minute trip off US 78 and enjoy the Neon Pig.  They also have a butcher shop featuring local beef, local honey and greens.  You'll love its casual flair.

The Neon Pig Cafe and Grocery, Tupelo, Mississippi, 1203 N. Gloser St., 662-269-2533