March in Photos, Birdeye

Friday, March 11, 2016

Jackie and I at our 15th half marathon. Little Rock Half, Sunday,
March 6.  We survived even though we didn't do a lot of training.
His knee hurt and I'm just fat.  That is all.
(Our time was 2:25 which Jackie remarked was a turtle pace, lol but true)

Start line, dang blurry camera!

Those hand cyclists are amazing.

Buddy and I at agility class in Memphis.  Chloe's the reason I quit obedience 15 years ago but she's behind Buddy and I
taking classes.  And she's right, Buddy's so gifted, he really does need a job and he loved every.single.second
(notice Lynn in front of me, my trainer from 20 years ago and just ONE wall of ribbons, she's really awesome)
This Tulip Tree is outside Chloe's bedroom and barely bloomed last year, it's spectacular!

Chloe took this of August's millenium falcon toy that he flew into our tree...

Our crew of ladies got a crew to eat with every two months... not calling it a supper club but a whatever. The egg cartons
are out so I would be reminded to send my friends some eggs which they forgot. LOL

I've said it 200 times, I'm so lucky to have 15 or so different varieties of daffodils every spring because of Winnie Bob

I believe this is called a starlight magnolia....

Big Blue, he loves to come up to the fence when the dogs fence fight and bark at him.  He literally loves every second of it!
And he's one handsome man...

Chloe got Buddy a halter and I put it on him when I took him to work with me last week (dang blurry camera)....I had to
take it off because he thought he had to be with me every stinking second.  See how I've tied him up to the door.  Now if
he comes with me to work, it's on a heavy desk job day because when I have to leave my office, I have to shut the door
or he'll walk around the clinic...and that's not good.  So he's not going with me very often

Chloe got this one of Buddy in the creek

We used a GiGi's cupcake gift card and Chloe had Stella take this of her

This lady is living on a boat in Kennebunkport Maine.  Amazing that a dog tied to a tree in Trumann, Ark for two years
can go to Maine and live on a house boat....she's got it better than most humans I'd say....

Buddy isn't scared of jumping off cliffs...

Great shot of Bentley when we boarded him last week...hilarious!

It's time for weight watchers!
One of these days, he may just break a leg...

Kara hosted dinner Tuesday for Bettie, Heilbron and Cooper who've been here measuring the house for upgrades....
This is Cooper who was stalling by telling jokes so the kids could keep practicing their play.  They made up a play
that was really cute...I wish I had more photos of it....

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thought photos would tell what we've been up to.  We did have a great dinner at Cache in Little Rock before the marathon.  I'll get to reviewing it asap!