Grandmother's Chicken and Rice Casserole, Birdeye

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014

Man it has been busy and life throws curve balls at you all the time.  I'm super late on this post.  I've been working on this since Jan 25 (see the date difference?) and now it's Feb. 22!!  This is Chloe's new favorite recipe that she has on our kitchen menu once a week.  It will be on there as long as Jackie can hang.  He's not a repeat eater at all unless it involves Chicken Fried Steak, Chili Mac or Bacon.  You get the point.

We had a big ice storm on Feb. 4, we were without power just one night but Harmon and Jeanie were out from Tues to Sunday and Martin and Kara were out Tues through Friday.  School was out luckily on my day off Wed, I took Chloe and Whit with me to Memphis the day after the storm and when we got as far as Crawfordsville all the trees had no ice and no snow on the ground.  It was amazing.

We lost a bunch of trees and J.Harmon, Jeanie and Harmon helped get the yard back into shape except one tree that is still on top of the chicken yard.  I spent a few days Feb. 10 to be with mom in Oklahoma City, she had a big surgery then I went back the next week to give them another hand.  While all this was going on my 86, soon to be 87 year old grandfather on March 5, got cornered by a steer and bruised his leg.  We all know now that when you're on a blood thinner, a simple bruise can't be overlooked.  So it bled for 10 days until they figured it out.  He is still recovering.  Slowing him down is like asking me to slow down.  Glenn is why I am short tempered, very active, rarely sitting still and when I find it hard to find words, I get this from him.  I love hearing him tell a story with his pauses and gets disgusted for not getting his words out.  It's only going to get worse Jackie.  But he is also the sweetest, most genuine person.  What a great inspiration they both are.  He's married to a fantastic cook and mate.  They've been married now 67 years.  I talked to Melva this morning and she said they were sorting cattle so he drove down to the lot in her car so he could oversee it.  I told her to take a photo of her Cadillac in a pasture with 100 cattle and he sitting in it with the windows rolled down.  It will be priceless I'm sure.

This is my grandmother Melva Dickey's recipe that I have modified.  I have my modifications below.  I make a whole one of these, freezing half of it for later.

Melva's Chicken Casserole

1 pkg Uncle Ben's instant wild rice (plus 1 cup white rice cooked, otherwise it's too cheesy)
1 can each: cream of celery, mushroom and chicken soups
1 can Rotel
1/2 c green pepper (I omit this when I don't have it)
1 whole chicken, stewed and removed from bone (I use chicken breasts that I cook in the onion and celery)
6 slices Velveeta cheese (I use about 4 oz and use light)
1 onion chopped
1/2 cup chopped celery
Chili powder (I use 2 T)

Cook chicken breast in onion and celery with some olive oil.  Cook both rices while chicken is cooking.  Heat soups together until bubbly. In a greased casserole dish (I use two 8X8 or close to it), layer rice, then chicken, cheese and sprinkle with chili powder.  Pour soups on top then top with rotel.  Bake 350 for 45 minutes.  (I cook at 375 covered for 35 minutes) I didn't get a good photo of it so sorry!!! :)

I have added some recent photos!

 I couldn't get a good photo of the dish but here's her recipe,
my modifications below.

Biscuit loved the snow!

Here's a photo Chloe took of us at the law office when our power
was out.  She's funny, she put that box in a wall that had an empty
slot in.

Jackie and Chloe went up to Spring Hill to sled down Hwy 42
Here's Aussie, the smartest but dumbest dog ever.  Chloe says
she is going to give Martin a coupon to have Cesar Millan
come to train him....He bites kids, herds bicycles and spends
a lot of time on the street.

Chloe action shot of being pulled up the hill

This is the Cutest Snowman and dog...that's Biscuit
on the leash!
I love this photo of Chloe

Dr. Calico wasn't into the snow
How Chloe got this photo I don't know.