Lemon Squares, Birdeye

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh I just love some easy Lemon Squares!

I had to take a picture of how dark they get before cutting
and adding powdered sugar

Jackie, me,
Sarah Jane and Cade Martin at the
JA Auxiliary Ball last night.  A big
thank you to them for inviting us,
we had a blast!
Sunday, February 26, 2012

WOW, what a busy weekend!  After the Move it Memphis 10K yesterday, lunch and then the Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball last night in Jonesboro, I was plum worn out today but we had a dessert church thingy, so I made these fabulous cookies that are a cinch to make.  They're so easy that while they were baking, I got the car unpacked, laundry organized, Chloe's school stuff organized and so forth.

The recipe is from "Memories of an Arkansas Family" by the family of Otis Adams, Jr. of Vanndale.  I've had this cookbook since we got married in 1993 and I love it and have several recipes I use year round.  Here's to the fabulous Lemon Squares:

Lemon Squares

 2 C. flour
1 C. butter
(no substitutes) 1/2 C. powdered sugar

Let butter come to room temperature and blend with the flour and sugar.  (I use a pastry blender) Press into a 9X13 pan and bake at 325 for 20 minutes or until brown around the edges.  (I spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray and it takes mine 25-28 minutes in a glass pan).  While crust is baking, mix together the following:

2 C. sugar
4 eggs slightly beaten
4 T. fresh lemon juice (that's 2 lemons)
2 T. grated lemon ring (2 lemons)
4 T. flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt

Pour about over baked crust and bake at 350 fro 25-30 minutes (to get brown, just bake 23 minutes, see photo above).  Cool and then sift powdered sugar over top and cut into small squares.  Makes about 3 dozen.  (They do keep in an airtight container for a week)

I just love these cookies and they're chocolate free which is right up Chloe's alley during this Lent season.  So far so good for her commitment, we're so proud of her.  She's the biggest Chocolate Hound in Cross County, I'm just sayin!

South of Beale, Memphis

South of Beale, Memphis

My delicious Angus burger, yes, I said I like this burger!
It was served with muenster cheese and homemade chips,

The bar at SOB

Kara's specialty Bar Pie featuring grilled chicken,
asparagus, artichokes and much to Kara's dismay, a very
salty aioli sauce that was a little tough to swallow!

We were all freezing after the run (sweat will do that to ya)!

Kara and I before the Move it Memphis 10K, it was a
beautiful day and well run event!  Martin finished 7th
in his age group, impressive!
Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jackie suggested this bar/restaurant just down from Spindinni on Main after the Move it Memphis 10K on Saturday.  The menu does describe the restaurant as Memphis' first Gastro/Pub which is to mean a bar that heavily relies on chef driven food paired with ales and wine and in a casual setting, literally an anti-restaurant bar.  Alrighty then!  We were all for trying it and enjoyed the short distance from the FedEx Forum.  We were quickly seated right next to Jessica King, a Wynne native that had just finished her first 5K and was there with her two young sons and husband Mickey and two other couples.  It was great to congratulate her on her first event!  I remember mine at the Farmfest 5K in 1997...it wasn't pretty but when you cross that finish line, WOW is all you can say!  So congrats to Jessica!

Ok...Kara wasn't sure about the Saturday Brunch menu and I had to agree because after a foot race, no one really wants a waffle...you really want a burger or something in the lunch category.  Jackie saved the day when he said there was a burger on the menu and a special bar pie on the chalkboard and she quickly ordered it up.  She had a mimosa and I had the most fabulous Two Vines Columbia Crest Cab and it was delicious!  I ordered the burger medium (I did ask if they had a bean or veggie burger and the answer was...).  It was served with cheese and I really did enjoy it.  It did take the kitchen a while to get the food out but we had a very attentive waiter refilling our water.  My burger was juicy and I shared it with everybody.  Kara let me try her pizza and it was good, I loved the asparagus and artichokes but the aioli sauce was so salty, I mean too salty.

Jackie had the scallop special and loved it.  It was fresh and just the right size.  Martin got Avocado and Crab Benedict with fresh fruit.  It wasn't what he expected but he finished it.  And he should have after finishing 7th in his age group posting a time of 48:24...that's lightning fast people!  Jackie's time was 55:53 and 12th in his age group; Kara's time 1:06 and 26th and mine was just 2 minutes quicker than a year ago 1:01 and 11th in the over 40 class. I'd say Sunday's half will put a hurt on, I'm just sayin!  Maybe 3 Advil is in order!

Overall we enjoyed South of Beale and I hope to visit it again during dinner time.  Kara wasn't impressed with her cocktail or the salt in her dish but I loved my burger and the fact that South of Beale is a certified Project Green Fork restaurant.  This means they contribute to a sustainable Mid-South with minimal environmental impact and focusing on strengthening homegrown restaurants.

Give South of Beale a try, I think you'll love the food and the feel of the bar.  It does have outdoor seating and a fabulous ladies room.

South of Beale, 361 S. Main, Memphis
901-526-0388 www.southofbeale.com

Where's Winter? Birdeye

Oh the ladies really love being out and about...

They love to check out what I'm doing in the garden....
they did notice all the lettuce and spinach recently and
they've decided that they really like it....it's going to be a long winter...

Just got four rows of Yukon Gold's planted

They totally crack me up....
I was talking to them and they both took off...

These are blooms on the Peach Tree Chloe and Jackie
got me for 2010 Mother's Day....It won't be long for fruit I hope!

Oh Winnie Bob left us such a great legacy of daffodils...
they've been blooming since before Valentine's Day and
are usually around until after April 15....

On Sunday Chloe decided to wrap up her new
cat Doctor Calico, he acts just like a baby...

Oh the cat...Chloe adopted him from Julia
Shepard...he's a real card...he'll do anything!
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I don't know about you but it's totally weird for it to be 74 degrees and we have not had one inch of snow this year!  I'd say it's that El Nino or La Nina (I know I need some hyphens in there...) right?  Well anyway, I thought I'd shoot some pictures of the girls out and about and some of Winnie Bob's flowers that I'm so glad she planted because I totally enjoy them!  And the peach tree is blooming again....yay!

I added some pictures of Chloe and Doctor Calico....they crack us up!  We're looking forward to the Little Rockers Kids Marathon and the Half on Sunday.  It should be a great day and warm too!  Probably too warm for all of us!  I'll try and take photos from the upcoming events Saturday and Sunday!

Picante Sauce, Birdeye

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The picante sauce cooking over low heat...about to get a lid on

I just love fresh jalapenos..the recipe calls for 13 but I used
about 4 jumbo ribs, seeds and all....And it wasn't too spicy!

I substituted a Pablano for a green bell pepper and it was great!

Jackie got me this Salt Pig from the Viking store
for Christmas, I love, love this thing!

The homemade picante sauce is mixed with enchilada sauce
and it makes for a great topping over these enchiladas!

Chloe was ready last Saturday to cook some lunch
after watching many episodes of Chopped off the
Food Network and loves to make us lunch now...

Chloe likes to serve her grilled cheeses with a
choice of sliced or whole pickles and either
baked or real cheetos...cracks me up!
Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Beth!  We all did a repeater last night and had dinner at Felicia Suzanne's to celebrate Beth Bradshaw's 34th birthday.  We had a ton of fun and I enjoyed that Jerome was our waiter again.  How fun!

So this morning when Jackie and Martino left for their annual boys trip to Oaklawn for President's Day, Chloe and I cleaned up her closet, bath toys and farm toys.  It literally took us an hour and a half and then we were "done".  Stella called and asked if Chloe could come over to play and Chloe said, "I'll go mama, if you'll set a timer for an hour and come get me".  Well I just came from over there after 2-1/2 hours and Chloe told me to check back with her in another 30 minutes.  That's how it goes, worry and it's no big deal, don't worry and you're stuck in a foreign country for three days without any bags or underwear.

Ok so I had to go to my mom's cookbook she gave me way back "Wild about Southwest Cooking" and I made two enchiladas and homemade Picante Sauce which is divine.  It's easy and made us meals for several weeks.  So here's how it goes....

Picante Sauce, from Wild about Southwest Cooking

12-14 fresh jalapenos
1 chopped green bell pepper, I used a poblano
1-4 oz. can chopped green chilies, I used a 7 oz can
1 large onion, finely chopped, very finely chopped
2-28 oz cans whole tomatoes, mashed, I used 2-28 oz cans diced
Juice of 2 limes

Seed and chop jalapenos, you may leave seeds for hotter sauce (I kept all ribs and seeds).  Combine with all ingredients in a large saucepan.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 1-1/2-2 hours with the lid on.  Ladle into hot sterilized jars and seal with 2 piece lids and store in refrigerator.  (I split the sauce between 3 quart bags and froze it to go with the enchiladas I made today)  You can use fresh tomatoes instead of canned to make a chunky sauce.  If the sauce is too hot, add additional tomatoes.  Yield 20 servings.  Delish!

Bardog Tavern, Memphis

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ohh la la....Bardog Tavern, my new favorite downtown
bar....it's fabulous and I only had an appetizer...:)

I love the inside of the restaurant...they have a cool fan
that goes over the length of the bar in a rectangle shape

This was what I broke down and ordered...
Jackie did say, "Oh, the appetizer orderer is
here....", yes I am totally busted but lemme
tell you this Tuna Wonton was to die for...

We had Whit and Stella over the other night and they talked
Jackie into making a fire to have a weenie and marshmallow
roast...it was totally fun and this is the beginning of it...
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!  Jackie and I had reservations at Eighty Three in the Madison Hotel for dinner.  We had some time to kill before our 9 pm reservation, yes I know, that's when I go to bed!!  We went across the street to this bar that I heard about on Urbanspoon.  The place was packed when we got there but we easily found seats for two.  We had Paige as our waitress and she was great and recommended a Pino Grigio that I loved, Jackie had a Fat Tire.  We took in the bar which was huge and it had a big television that had the Grizzlies and the Rockets game on.  I went ahead and asked for a menu to look over for a possible future meal and noticed a very unique item...tuna wontons?  I asked Paige about them and she totally recommended them so, yes, I was outside of my box eating out late then I pulled something I never do and that's order up an appetizer.  It was Seared Ahi Tuna Wontons with avocado, Gorgonzola cheese, red pepper, olive oil and soy and they were to die for, I mean really!  Each one was crunchy with the fabulous tuna on top with that spicy cheese and avocado.  It was served on top a romaine lettuce salad that I enjoyed totally wiping out too.  It was great and the menu features some totally neat things like the Rambo sandwich featuring locally-farmed grilled and sliced NY Strip with roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, pepperoncini, white American and horseradish and it comes with french fries, potato salad or sub a soup or baked potato for a buck and all that for $12.59.  By the way, my wontons were $14.99 and I almost didn't order them because of the price and Jackie told me not to be like so and so (a person that must remain nameless) and order it up and I'm glad we did because our meal over at Eighty Three wasn't that great, I'm just saying.

Aldo Dean opened the bar in 2008 after walking by the vacant building going to work downtown.  He had 900 guests on the first night it opened and the day he had those pulley fans installed over the bar.   Via their fabulous website, Bardog Tavern was voted Best New Bar by the Memphis Flyer one year into business, in 2009.  I vote it as the best bar food in Downtown Memphis, seriously!

So next time you're downtown, try the Bardog Tavern on Monroe.  It's a great bar with great food and servers.  I am looking forward to trying it next weekend for brunch after the Move It Memphis 10K!  Their brunch menu looks equally delicious. They do allow smoking and there was a lot of it at the upstairs bar.  We didn't check out the downstairs but it's smoke free.

Bardog Tavern, 73 Monroe, Memphis 901-275-8752 www.bardog.com   Check out this awesome website!

Josie's Steakhouse, Waldenburg

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I must admit that I think it's supposed to be Holidays without
the apostrophe....:)

This comes across only the front tv so
everyone else can watch hockey or a game

That guy just sat the whole time while singing...and that's
Madison Brown who came in with a bunch of friends...they
were decked out.  Oh high school days....they aren't
far off from us....just sayin...yikes!

I just know those two didn't dress alike on purpose...

This guy's first song was a Beastie Boys song,
"Fight for your right to party" then he sang
a George Strait song, I'd say he's got some
talent...we loved it.

Jackie took this pic....good lord!  See Sam Stacy down
there...he and Jessica couldn't get a table for them and
their friends so we scooted down so they could have our
table....they were fun!

A shot of the building and parking lot...
yes, Welcome Hunters should be their slogan
Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Harmon and Jeanie!  Kara and I had the fabulous idea to take them out to dinner at Josie's just north of Hickory Ridge.  It was a fun 30 minute drive over to the restaurant, we were sipping on some cabernet and munching on cheese and crackers.  When we got there, I had never seen so many pickups in a parking lot.  The lot was about half full when we got there and packed when we left.  The last time I was at Josie's was when we lived on Hamilton about 1997 or so.

Tonight's meal was great, we had a reservation at 7:00, which is late for me I know, but karaoke starts at 8:00 pm and we wanted to see it and we did.  But dinner first was good.  Kara was the appetizer orderer in our group.  She ordered up the Portabella Mushroom and Coconut Shrimp.  I have to say I didn't try either but they were wiped out by everyone, so I'd say they were good.  Kara ordered up a bottle of Kendall Jackson Cabernet and that was a great move.  The heartiness of the cab was perfect for me even though I ordered up the chicken breast with a plain baked potato and green beans.  Seems boring but I loved it all and the beans were seasoned with bacon but I didn't complain.  It was good and I ate it all!  Jackie had the filet medium rare and said it was good.  Oh and Helen ordered up the New York Strip Steak and that joker was HUGE, we all cracked up at its size and the fact that she wiped it out!  hahahaha!  Harmon's steak he had was a little grizzly but other than that, we all enjoyed our meal.  We had a dessert for their birthday, the only choice on the menu was brownies topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  We wiped it out as well.

The fun began at 8 pm when the karaoke started.  There were several takers right off the bat and the first song was a Beastie Boys song, "You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party".  We all cracked up because that's one of Jackie's favorite bands but he would have loved "No Sleep Till Brooklyn".  You can see that photo with the guy in a baseball cap who sang while sitting, the girl next to him had a turn to sing, and let's just say....she probably needed to pass the mic on down!  I can't sing at all and I imagined that would have sounded like me singing.  Anyway, Josie's has been re-done since the 90's.  It was clean, as was the ladies room, had an open kitchen and the place was packed.  Lots and lots of hunters were there and lots of people decked out that were probably from Jonesboro or Memphis, we thought.  Food was good, atmosphere fun and you just can't beat karaoke.  Happy Birthday Harmon and Jeanie!

Josie's, 7964 Highway 49, Waldenburg, Ar 870-579-2277   http://www.josiesatwaldenburg.com/