About me...

I'm on your left trying to stop being photographed at
Mark Bechtel's wedding in May 2012...hahahahaha!
I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, married a sports fan and have lived in a lovely community in rural, East Arkansas for 20 years. We have a precious daughter that we take with us everywhere including our half marathons, 10 K's; 5K's and triathlons.  She's participated in 7 kids marathons and 4 triathlons and enjoys photography, dog training and piano.  We've taken up cycling and enjoy our crew of local riders and our social time afterwards.  We started our own local Midsouth Kids Marathon in 2010 and Midsouth Kids Triathlon in 2011 in Wynne, hoping to get our community active.  Family, church, cooking, gardening and fostering and finding homes for local cats and dogs is what we're into (and the order of this list varies day to day).

I've always wanted a website that could tell me where to eat in a certain town.  That's the idea behind my culinary blog and I've added lots of recipes and other random items.   And this has become an online scrapbook for me and my family and as I say all the time, "didn't we go to Lunchbox Eats in Memphis and when was that?" It's been great to check the blog and remember where we have been...I'm old I tell ya!