Cheers, Little Rock

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our annual girls trip was slated for last weekend via Kara's nursing and other parameters. This was our fourth annual trip and our numbers change every year due to pregnancies, costs of the trips, other summer vacations, etc. We had one of our smallest crews this year but it was a fun weekend at that. Jessica Bass Vaught offered her parent's Hot Springs condo for our overnight girls weekend, so Kara and I, along with Jimmy Huff's fabulous girlfriend Beth Malone, headed to Little Rock to pick up Jessica and Beth Pleasants Bradshaw. After a great visit in the car, many subjects being covered including nursing, gardening, the droid, families, friends, work, recycling and topped off with tons of laughter, we made it to Jessica's and headed on but wanted to stop for lunch. Jessica suggested this restaurant near her home and we were thrilled with her choice.

We were greeted just before noon and were promptly seated and ordered up our unsweet teas and water. The restaurant had a great patio near the front door but it was too dang hot that day to sit out there even with the fans on. The restaurant is small, I'd say it seats maybe 50 people, and that's a guess. Kara ordered a large cheese dip and chips to share, I cringed when I heard her order an appetizer, but I did partake once served. It was a homemade, creamy cheese dip without rotel, of course. I loved it and we all wiped it out.

For lunch I ordered our server's choice of the Vegetarian Delights, and btw (by the way Kara), I am not a vegetarian but enjoy low fat dining out choices. She picked the Avocado Sandwich, featuring rye bread with avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese, mayo (I had it without), and Italian sauce. I loved, loved it's freshness. All sandwiches are served with homemade chips and a pickle but they gladly substituted fresh fruit which was strawberries and oranges and I loved it! My lunch cost $11.87 without tip and I think that's great!

I did venture to the ladies room before heading on to Hot Springs, it's located through the kitchen which meant I didn't do a hair check walking through or even a forehead scratch, and it was in perfect shape as was the kitchen. This was a wonderful find. Everyone was so pleased with their order and our server. I hope to make it back to Cheers. We continued the "Cheers" and laughter on into Hot Springs and met up with Julie Raffety Boone, who came after work for more laughs and cutting up.

Cheers in the Heights, 2010 N. Van Buren, Little Rock, 501-663-5937

The Killough's Blueberries, Wynne

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 24, 2010

Wow, what a year the blueberry has had! I'm thrilled to announce the purchase of my ninth gallon of local, organic blueberries from fellow Presbyterians Cecilia and Kyle Killough! Thanks to my mother-in-law Helen AKA Jeanie, Joy, my local BFF, and my fabulous sister-in-law Kara, I have my freezer full of wonderful blueberries. I am thrilled to have this load for the whole upcoming year. I love to eat a cupful frozen at my desk, put them in Southern Living's Blueberry Streusel Muffins and on top of my granola cereal in the morning. I am so happy to have these guys around, what a blessing!

And just when I am publishing...Jackie brings in a wounded has a broken rear leg and he shows it to Chloe...well, I'm planning "June's" funeral now...dang update Tuesday, June 29...June is eating like crazy! It's super hard to raise a wild rabbit hence my funeral plans. That joker hides under a towel in the back of a box and goes to town on carrots and my arugula out of the garden. Martin joked yesterday that when June is released, in about a month with that broken leg, that he'll wipe out my garden...that's funny and he better pack his bags and head over to Martin's, just sayin...but he's or it's alive so far.

Godsey's Grill, Jonesboro

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We visited this great downtown Jonesboro restaurant after Chloe's first triathlon. I think I was more excited about the event than she was. I kept repeating what she needed to do in transition (drying her feet, skipping her socks, getting her shoes doubled tied, put on her racing bib etc) until Chloe finally said, "mom, why are you SO into it?" I just cracked up realizing how I must have sounded. Anyhow, we went by our favorite bike shop, Gearhead, to get supplies, her brakes looked at and Jackie's new mountain bike tires for Father's Day. After all that, we were starving and I trumped Jackie's request to go to a brewery for Godsey's. And I have to say it was a fabulous choice.

We were promptly seated after signing in (that's what you do in a dry county that serves liquor) near the rear of the restaurant in a booth. That was perfect since us three had Evan Huff, a cousin's 3 year old son with us. His dad Jimmy was getting his first Specialized bike and Evan needed something to do so he came along. He was super pleasant and said please and thank you the whole time!

Chloe and Evan were starving so with our drink order of lemonade and unsweet tea, we ordered them the grilled cheese and chicken nugget kid's baskets. Luckily they came out right after the drinks did and Chloe happily served them both up as much ketchup as needed. Chloe does such a great job with younger children. She wants a little brother or sister so bad and requested one the other day. Evan just watched her and enjoyed that giant serving of ketchup.

I ordered the Drunk Chicken Flatbread sandwich with chopped drunk chicken, cheese, red onions, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato. I loved that it didn't have ranch or mayo on it, it was perfect just as served. For the choice of sides, I got the homemade chips and loved them. They are sprinkled with a seasoned salt with a kick. Jackie ordered the Black and Blue burger with bacon, sauteed onions, blue cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato and pickles. His choice of a side was the same as mine, which bothered me just a bit because I like to try many things off the menu but they were great, crispy chips. The choice of sides are homemade french fries, that Chloe and Evan tore up, fried green beans, onion rings, pasta salad, baby baker potatoes and sweet potato fries.

Evan and I checked out the ladies bathroom and found it to be in perfect shape. I really liked Godsey's. I especially liked the unsweet tea, it was good and strong enough. You'll love their service, clean restaurant and excellent food. We took my tea to go and the extra chips and french fries to Chloe's chickens, just sayin.

I added some picks of Chloe at the tri...we are so proud of her!

Godsey's Grill, 226 S. Main, Jonesboro, Ark., 870-336-1988

Homegrown Vegetables, Birdeye

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you read my blog, you know I love having a vegetable garden and have enjoyed growing tomatoes since 1998. This year, after reading books and understanding sustainable gardens, I think everyone should try and get there with their own garden. Being able to grow your own food without relying totally on the grocery store, is a very green approach. Just on Monday, I needed a tomato and purchased a few Roma's at my local grocery store, Hay's. They were grown in Mexico and looked like they were picked about a week ago. When you stop and think about the energy it took to bring those tomatoes to Wynne, it goes like this...the tomato is plucked from the vine, put on a truck to a warehouse, then is transported from the warehouse to the grocery store either by truck or airplane, then I drive to the grocery store, buy the few Roma's then drive them to my house. Wow, that's a lot of energy for a few tomatoes and a lot of gas burned and electricity to keep them fresh. Good lord, let's all put out a garden!!

I am proud to say my peppers, lettuce, arugula, basil, strawberries, pumpkins, watermelons, squash, cucumbers and all look really good this year. It takes very little time to get seeds in the ground and patience to wait until you can pick the fruit. You'll love this confession...I had an unusual two foot tall plant that bloomed in April. I had no idea what it was. The plant fell over a few days ago and I pulled it out today and it was potatoes! I forgot I found a bag of Yukon gold potatoes and planted them in March, I think, and am thrilled with the finding today. How funny, to forget that I planted them. So, get it out there and see what happens!

I also plant Zinnia's from seed packets every year in front of my garden to cover up my lack of pulling all the weeds. I don't get them all pulled in a timely manner with work, Chloe, community stuff, church, etc., so I put the flowers out so I can have fresh cut flowers every day in my kitchen! I used 4 seed packets of different varieties of Zinnia's and just look at all those flowers! I have volunteer Zinnia's that come back every year.