Chloe's Photography

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 18, 2013

I had to post some of Chloe's handy work.  She LOVES photography and just bought herself a new camera on Saturday.  She enjoys scenes around the house and farm and seems to have a real talent with picture taking.  These are from the last round of shots, I'll add to this post when she downloads from her new Canon PowerShot SX500.  It's the perfect camera for her age I think.  She's fired up about the lens cap and the strap too, btw.  I think it makes her feel official, so fun!!

Chloe did wonderfully at her latest piano recital.  I hope to see
her play through 12th grade, we'll see!

Poor Biscuit...she did his hair this way!  Looks like he tolerated it! :)

Chloe has such a gift of public speaking.  Here she is at liturgist
at our church.  She does a great job!  Yes, I took this photo!
(and with my phone)

I had to add this one of Stella and Chloe taken by Jackie

Farm to Table, Birdeye

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is the day after the farm to table fundraiser. This is
Justin Smith who played the guitar during the pig roast.
He was awesome and did a great job!
 Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013

Martin and Kara came up with a dinner party idea to benefit the Cross County Historical Society's New Hope School.  It was neat because she had cousin Bill Raffety fly in from Davidson College in North Carolina and be the chef.  I wish I had a photo of him in is chef's coat, it was cool.  The food was delicious, I heard.  They got it all from farms nearby and in Memphis. Jackie's 20th Vanderbilt Class Reunion was the same weekend so we were in Nashville and cut the weekend short to make it back in time to see everyone and help with the party.  It rained so they had to move everything inside.  People were eating upstairs in August's bedroom and out on the porches, it cracked me up.  Harmon and Jeanie along with Bob and Polly worked there tails off keeping their kids for them plus getting the place ready.  Kara also had help from her cousin and her friend from Little Rock.  It was well done!

Sunday they had a pig roast, I know, right?  Two events, one weekend?  I think she may have learned a lesson on that.  Plus what's funny is Kristi Renfro took a photo of the pig on the cooker and it totally was a turn off, I'm serious.  It made me consider becoming a total vegetarian.  I've added some photos of the weekend at Vanderbilt and the Birdeye parties.
Amy Trocchi and I have kept in touch for 20 years now.  And
that stinker is talking Jackie and I into doing the New Orleans
Half Ironman April 2014.  She's doing the 1.1 mile swim, asked
me to do the 58 bike and Jackie will run on Bill's team, 13.1 miles...
and that's if we sign up.  We have a few months to back out...:)

They had the Fox Blossom Venture play and they were GREAT!
That's Whit up there strumming his guitar, so cute!
I grabbed this shot at the farm to
table party Saturday.  That's
Cozette, Murray, Carolyn, Jeanie,
Jeff and Kristi Renfro

Here's the Sunday pig roast.  The benches were borrowed
from the Birdeye Fun Park which is going up as we speak.
One dang problem with the tables and benches is that they
were unfinished which means we all had saw dust and splinters
on pants and hands.

I love these guys, this is Shaver Huff
and Dean Jackson...they are 6 months
a part and were having a great time!

Laney, yes another one...:)

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013

Well yes sir, we do have another dog for adoption.  This gal went to a home but came back because they didn't have a fence.  So here's Laney, who came home with Chloe over the summer when she was training for the Midsouth Kids Triathlon.  She's 8 months, crate and leash trained plus she's excellent with kids, cats and other dogs.  There's always something and hers is that she eats chickens so she's at the clinic waiting for a forever home.  She's adorable.  I've added some recent photos on here too.

And I should admit to slow blogging due to camera issues.  Every one of these photos is with my phone.  I have got to order a new camera, the one that we broke on the Katy Trail is whacked out.  I was using it and just holding the lens with my finger but now it won't stay charged.  I'm in the market for a new one and I'd love to hear any thoughts on one I can carry in my purse.  Spay/neuter, you can make an impact on your community.
The Laney

I had to stop at Levesque and take this shot...the cotton
is ready for harvest
OKAY so Monday I was at Wal-mart getting the vet clinic
decorations for the homecoming game and I saw this guy
in the store.  He was parked out where I was getting the hay
and I asked him what he was doing (and the fact that I love
to tour...yes, yes I do).  He was on his way to North Carolina
for his sister's wedding.  Where is he coming from you ask?
That would be Estes Park, Colorado and according to Mapquest
that's 1713 miles and would have taken him on the Katy Trail
that Jackie and I were on over the summer.  WOW!!!  When
he saw me taking a drive by photo of him he asked that I email
a photo of him so I did.  I hope he made it out there!

Another shot

School was out Monday so Chloe watched her cousins....
they made a fort in the swing set....

YAY we had another successful Walk to School Day on
Wednesday.  We had 33 kids roll out on that cool morning, we
were so excited about the crowd!

Here's another shot of the fort......:)

Chloe dressed up for the 1980's
week at school...bale bottoms and a
do rag cute...

Oh yes, the Honey Crisps are here....was gettin these fabulous
things when I ran into that touring cyclist.....I'm in heaven!

Movie and Pizza Company, Harbor Town

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Martin and Kara wanted to go see the Lumineers and it just happened to be on Jackie's birthday so we joined them to celebrate.  I love the Mud Island Amphitheater.  We have seen Sheryl Crow there many times as well as Harry Connick Jr and Jimmy Buffet.  The amphitheater is over 20 years old and is in great shape.  It was packed for the Lumineers (it seats about 5,000).

We decided to go to Movie and Pizza Company in Harbor Town.  Jackie is the parking guru and decided this would be a close place so we could park under the I-40 bridge and walk over the amphitheater.  And he was right for $5, it was perfect.

Movie and Pizza Company opened in 1997 by a's the history I found from the Memphis Daily News: Ray Fiore, who co-owns Video Movies and More, Midtown Video and Movie Star, has been thinking about a concept of delivering pizzas and videos for the past four years. He said after discussing the possibility of working with the owner of Camyís Pizza on a delivery business, he decided the logistics were not right without having the two businesses combined as one. Thatís when he started planning the Movie and Pizza Co., a sit-down pizza cafÈ which will show movies on a big screen, rent movies and, in the near future, deliver the two products to residents in Harbor Town and Downtown. ìWe just donít have anything like that here,î Fiore said. Fiore said the pizza will be thin crust and will be more on the healthy side than most pizza delivery businesses in Memphis.

The place was empty when we arrived at 6:30 and we got prime parking, right out front which was exciting since the place was packed at 6:45.  Jackie and I split a pizza, half veggie and half pepperoni.  We had to wait a while on it but it was worth it.  The crust was medium, meaning not thick, not thin, but just right.  Kara and I split the salad special with a choice of greens, cheese, fruit and dressing.  It was fantastic.

No dessert people, we were off to Mud Island which I adore.  Have I mentioned that already?  Anyway, if you're in Harbor Town, don't forget about Movie Pizza Company.  It's delicious, the waiters are courteous and the ladies room was in perfect shape.  You knew I'd check didn't you?

Movie and Pizza Company, 110 Harbor Town Square, Memphis 901-527-2233

Happy 43rd Jackie!

Not a super great photo but here
 it is, we loved sitting outside!
What's funny about the Lumineers is they only have 5 songs
so it was over fast.  They had 2 bands open for them that
also have about 5 songs.  It was a good, short concert in
my favorite venue, Mud Island Amphitheater!