Poblano Grill, Oklahoma City

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

On the recommendation of Angelia, my good friend since 5th grade, my high school friends met for dinner at this Mexican restaurant that originates in Oklahoma City. Luckily on Barbie's advice, Jackie and I got there early so we could have a chance at a table for our party of 10 that turned out to be 14.

We were promptly seated in a long booth that was in the center of the restaurant. The decor reminded me of other chain restaurants we've eaten at over the years. Betty was our attentive waitress that did a great job as our party of ten kept growing. Barbie and Bill arrived first and it's always fabulous to see Barbie. She and I were really close friends during our four years in high school and have since let the distance keep us from staying close. But I hope this changes as we had a wonderful conversation catching up about our children and what our parents are up to. Barbie and I ordered up a happy hour beer for $1, which is a really good deal, since it was five minutes until happy hour was up. We were delighted that Stephanie Brice joined us, she is as beautiful as she was 20 years ago in high school. Laurie Anderson also joined us and had us enthralled in a recent burglary in her home in Belle Isle, where they stole computers, her children's piggy banks and her grandmother's 3 carat diamond ring. Tragic, to say in the least.

Lori Leiser Manning also came, her fabulous husband was with his football team at a game. Lance is the head coach of the Norman North High School Timberwolves that have been ranked in the top 10 Class 6A in the state of Oklahoma the last several years. Leslie Johnson Williams and Bart also joined us. It's always great to see Leslie who can tell any of us what our classmates are up to. She's like a human registrar for my senior yearbook that I haven't seen in 15 years. They got to talking about a guy Angelia dated in junior high from another country and had everyone laughing and carrying on. Fun times. Last but definitely not least, Stephanie Bates Jones and Dagne Day Newcomb joined us stag but Dagne brought her very well-mannered sons with her. One a junior at McGuinness and the other going into the eighth grade. I was seated near this crew and loved every minute of it, taking in her boys. Of course, this left Jackie, Bill and Bart to have to go to the bar which worked out fabulously since they didn't want to be at our table any longer.

Betty kept the ritas served and adding on more orders as the girls arrived. I had the fish tacos and loved them. They were blackened tilapia, shredded lettuce, chipolte ailoi and black bean salsa. It was served with rice and beans and later I realized I could have had with Papas Tejanos which are potatoes and green onions, very good Barbie reported. Jackie had a combo plate of chicken enchiladas, a taco, refried beans and rice. He commented all day today about how much he loved them. He did remark that he was surprised we picked such a family place for our crew. I plead the fifth on that because the girls and I had a great time catching up. Leslie invited us all over for a drink afterwards and it was fun seeing Jack and Whitney, her precious children and I got to see Annie, her older sister for the first time in many years. We hung around for a bit and the crowd grew with classmates Michael Patton, Tim Sanders and Jason James.

Above all, I love getting together with the girls I spent so many years with during high school. They kept remarking that they only get together when I come to town which is once a year. That seems crazy because being with them last night was like picking up where we left off in 1989. I still get made fun of even now, you can see that in the picture Jackie took of us. Poblano's was a great restaurant for us, good food and service and wonderful conversation with fabulous old friends.

Poblano Grill, 13593 N. May, Oklahoma City, 405-755-8111 www.poblanogrill.com

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