Little Rock Half Marathon, Little Rock

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our BBC crew with a few extras!
Thursday, May 8, 2012

We're back from Northern Oklahoma for Jackie's grandmother's funeral.  Wilma was 93 and a classic.  She decided last week to quit eating and said that she was "ready to meet God" as long as she could take her purse.  It was a neat service given by her youngest grandson Blaine Boyd.

After the Little Rock Half on Sunday, we made our way to my mom's in Edmond in route to Ponca City where her funeral was.  I was SO sore Monday morning and I should have been since I failed to pack my p90x Stretch DVD that I always do after a foot race.  I hate to brag but this was the first race ever that I still had gas in the tank and felt like I could have run another 5 miles.  I've been doing therapy with my orthopedic Dr. Jeremy Swymn for my knees and some p90X2 and I think it made a difference!  Here are the times of our BBC group that ran on Sunday.  Stan Bradshaw has made us all pay attention to times, dang it!

Full Results:

Martin Smith 4:09:00
Stan Bradshaw 4:13:38

Half Results:

Michael Hirons 1:54:51
Colley Burrow 1:55:06 (Wynne native)
Jackie Smith 2:02:35
Jimmy Huff 2:29:00

The Ladies' Half Results:

Stacey Boeckmann Riley 1:58:24  (blazing fast speed..and Ashley's sister)
Myself 2:13:13
Beth Huff 2:25:36
Beth Bradshaw 2:26:11
Ashley King 2:26:14
Kara Smith 2:27:00

Each one of these times except Jackie's were personal bests!  I am proud of our cycling crew, I think they had a great showing at Little Rock.  My first Little Rock Half was in 2007, I walked a bunch and took a big rolling fall near the Governor's Mansion.  A group of veteran runners behind me made a comment on my half block long fall that "we give that roll a 9 out of 10, that was awesome!"  I think the pothole has been fixed since then!

My time above should have an asterisk next to it because my very first half marathon was in Wynne at the Midsouth Championship Marathon and Half in 2004 with a snail pace time of 2:46...see even this old bird got betta! :)

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