2013 Little Rock Half Marathon, Little Rock

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Half Marathoner Group...Martin and Kara, Stan and Beth,
Me, Ben Meyer, Jackie, Stacy Boeckmann Riley and Ashley King
Before we left for the race,  I got cabbage, lettuce,
broccoli and onions in the garden..I hope they last,
I put a top over them so the chickens
won't get in there and have a snack...they love to eat in the yard

I love Winnie Bob's daffodils, they're coming on strong

Dixie, a great photo of her.....

This is the spinach I planted back in November

Dixie's ear cracks me up...she's so precious
Sunday, March 3, 2013

I had to think on my fingers and count how many times I've run the Little Rock Half and I believe this was the 6th but one of those being the relay in 2011 when I was trying to rehab these 41 year old knees.  Jackie's done 4 more than I have because I've been doing the Midsouth Kids Marathon for the last few years and he's been running it. We had a great turn out for the Little Rock race and everyone had really good times which is great especially since not one person in the photo has really done much training this year (except for Stacy who beat us all on times).  We did hard core training last year and really just winged it this year, which is fine too.

I had my new Dexcom sensor on today, I was a little nervous because I had an insulin pump, the Dexcom and an Ipod all on my waist band and not to mention the sensor bulging out of my belly button area.  But it all worked out and the Dexcom gave me a sense of confidence for 85% of the way.  My blood sugar was up then down then up then down and I just drank at the aid stations, used shot blocks and turned the pump off to make it.  I did mention to Jackie at the end of the race that I still had fuel in the tank and wished that I'd pushed it to shave off 3 minutes off my PB (personal best time), I never really knew my pace along this 10th Half Marathon of mine and he remarked that I should get a Garmin but I'm not sure that I want that mental energy waste, so to speak.  In other words, I'm so jacked up on watching the blood sugar and making sure I've had my advil, eaten the right carbs, hydrated the day before and morning of, that I'm not sure I can handle another thing on the race day list.

I've also added photos from the garden I got into the ground recently and precious Dixie, who's still waiting on a forever home.

Here are the times for us that finished the half today starting with the fastest:

Stacy Boeckmann Riley 1:54, Martino 1:55, Stan Bradshaw 2:00, Ben Meyer 2:11, me 2:16, Jackie 2:19, Beth Bradshaw 2:32, Kara and Ashley King 2:37.  Congrats all you Cross County people!

***Update:  We adopted Dixie out locally, she's with a family with two young boys.  She's so sweet.

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