Heddy, new foster dog, Birdeye

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014
Heddy, an 8 month old shepherd/lab mix, is adorable.  Chloe
prides herself in photography.  She took this!
 We have a new foster.  I know right?  You expected this.  She's about 8 months old and a mix breed.  She's crate trained and excellent with kids, cats and other dogs.  She does like her own food bowl, so watch out.  Chloe's got her leash trained and she's learning the rules.  Let me know if you know if you have room in your home for this precious baby.  Spay and Neuter People.  I'm just saying.  It's good for the pet and most importantly good for your community.
Chloe staged this one.  She's very sweet and loves petting.

This is Otis, the thoroughbred next door.  All photos were
taken by Chloe...I love this one

The ladies...they follow Chloe around the yard for
scratch.  When they come running, it sounds like a herd
of dogs I swear!

Good head shot of Eggs

Essie Mae


Chloe set her camera for a selfie...on a 10 second timer,
this is the first shot

Here's the second...Chloe had Dr. Calico in her hands, slipped
backwards and look at what the camera got.  HAHAHA!

Another great shot taken by Chloe.  Look at the ice


Dr. Calico


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