It's been a busy fall, Birdeye

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I led the Walking School Bus for our school district for grades K-5...this week Chloe rode with me because her usual
ride to school, her dad, was in South Carolina for the Vandy football game.  These are cousins and neighbors, Linton,
August, Whit, Katie and Stella with Chloe

Chloe and I took Stella, Katie and August to put around after school about a month ago...

I loved getting this photo of August watching Chloe putting....When she shanked a hit, August said, "you're hitting it
too hard Choe, " which cracked me up coming from a kindergartner.  He's smart, he really is!

One of the youth group missions in our church is partnering with our local Methodist church and serving at the First
Presbyterian Church in downtown Memphis.  Their soup kitchen is open every Sunday, year round, serving the homeless.
It's something I look forward to every's moving.  Chloe and I help set up like this photo shows and then during
lunch we go upstairs and help in the clothes closet.  Each person, mainly there are men, can have one pair of jeans, a coat,
socks, 1 pair of underwear, and a shirt.  They give them one outfit because they don't have any where to keep a second one.
Last year they were very short on socks and underwear so I bought about a $100 worth from Walmart and the other youth
members brought a package of socks or adult underwear.  We ran out of coats and jeans 30  and 32 waist size so I went to our local Cross County Workshop and loaded up on jeans.  Chloe and I will take them by next week when we're in Memphis

For Christmas, Chloe got a camera.  She's been using it for her dogs and for the
Wynne High School Yearbook and Newsletter.  She got this shot of cousins
Whit, August and Stella last Friday.  She hates when I brag but she's a great

Leo, a stray from Coldwater, finally was adopted at the kids marathon two weeks ago.

And three weeks ago Fred, our next door neighbor, brought this gal to us.  She's heartworm negative, vaccinated, crate
trained and absolutely awesome.  She's ready to go.....spay/neuter people!

Because of my best friend Wendy in Chicago, Chloe loves sushi.  We had this when Jackie was out of town.  Chloe's
photography is good, I'm just saying

A good shot of Leo, he was a destructive boy!

Made me sad that this was our last Walking School Bus of the year....But a big thanks to Joy Shepherd at
Cross Ridge Community Hospital for getting us matching shirts again!  There's nothing more fun on Friday's when
school starts and meeting then walking to school in a group.  We do it until the Midsouth Kids Marathon every fall.

I boycotted making Chloe's lunch back in 6th she has to make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich
when she boycotts the cafeteria.  And she boycotts unless they have pizza which is once a month

This was the Gravel Grinder 20 mile bike ride back in started in West Memphis and went down the
levee to downtown Memphis and back.  The I-55 bridge is above and the rail side is currently under construction as
a pedestrian and bike path to connect the two cities.  I enjoyed the tour and hearing about it in detail from its
executive director (the guy in yellow) Greg Maxted

Chloe took this of fellow golfer Libby Claire Casbeer
Monday, Nov. 16, 2015

I sure have neglected my blog this year and especially this last month!  I thought I'd show it in pictures, most are from Chloe.  She's become quite a good little photographer!  I'll let the pictures take it from here!

Biscuit AKA pudge, little Bobby, little B and I've been calling him stinker too...

If Buddy could go to work with me every single day, he would....

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