April Fool's Day 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The goat that Whit brought over on April 1
Saturday, April 1, 2017

Well, the pranks just keep getting better....this year on Friday, March 31, I called Tradio, a noon a.m. radio show that allows people to call in "lost, found, for sale or trade items".  So 10 minutes before it was set to be over, I called in Martin's cell number and said he had a litter of Australian Shepherds to give a way and he got like 50 calls on his cell phone.  Then a minute later, I called in Stan's cell number and told the listeners that I had a swing set to give away for free if someone would come and get it.  When Stan answered the first call, he knew it was me and started giving out my cell....way to go!  I got a text from someone that said her daughter needed a swing set and to please call her back.  So, I did and apologized that it was a prank, I was so sad for her and thought I should have given away a lawn mower instead of a toy.

My actual April Fool's joke was plastic snakes in Stan and Martin's mailboxes and it scared the crap out of them.

So here's where it gets fun...Whit got in on the pranks this year.  He brought over a billy goat with a bell on.  He was so lonely and didn't leave my carport, and of course, pooped all in my carport and his bell rung all night long.  I called Whit that morning to come and get the goat because my dogs wanted to kill it.  Then the goat butted little Biscuit up against the door so he finally came and got him.  So Beth wanted to get me back for putting ketchup and vaseline all over her door handles last year and ordered up a plastic set of bovine testicles.  Whit brought them over and hung them on my tow hitch.  Of course they were easy to cut off with scissors but he was thinking I'd need bolt cutters to get them off but I didn't.  I'll have to see which car in Birdeye gets the balls next year, lol.

I did warn Whit that my April Fool's Jokes were between me and Stan.  Not my nephew.  But if he wants to play, it's game on.  I already have my pranks set and ready to go for next April 1 which falls on a Sunday.  Don't worry, it'll be goooooooood!!!  :)

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