Easter 2018, Birdeye

Thursday, April 26, 2018

We had 36 people over for Easter Lunch, it was fun and delicious.  It was cloudy but it didn't rain thankfully

Our pastor asked everyone in the sanctuary to take a selfie during Passing of the Peace, it was a cute idea...look at CoCo...

Traditional photo in front of the cross on Easter

Tom B and August playing Egg Russian Roulette...

After this, we had an egg toss and the kids all had a good time.
April 5, 2018

I was excited to have Easter lunch again this year!!  We had 36 attend and played lots of games.  It was fun having everyone over.  Jackie made a comment as to why I was having him get down all the plates and silverware, he was like, "why aren't we using paper plates and plastic silverware?".  I looked at him like he was crazy....We only have the family over once a year, so it's not that often that we get plates out.  I think he was just being ornery.  But fun was had by all, Benton, Julie and Alexis stayed until after 5 then they went over to Martin and Kara's for a soccer game.  Fun times with great people.  Happy Easter!

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