Orianna, Birdeye

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pauline, Ori and Chloe downtown Memphis

Memphis has so many murals now, it's amazing...all of these were on Beale Street

Stella's 11th birthday party, so much fun

We took Ori, Chloe and Pauline to see the ducks at the Peabody...so much fun!

Peabody (Coco....)

Pauline is near the French, then CoCo then Ori near the Spanish, they loved it!

You can't go to Memphis without going to the Rendezvous for BBQ

June 2, 2018

Ori met Pauline, from Brittany, France, through the Rotary Exchange Program.  Pauline's been with a host family in Little Rock for the past year.  Ori and Pauline hit it off last August when the exchange students all got together.  We invited Pauline over to Birdeye last weekend and took them all to Memphis.  We just did downtown things so Pauline could see it, and say she'd been to Tennessee while in the states.

We've so enjoyed Ori this year.  It's been a good experience for all of us and Ori too.  We've enjoyed learning about her country and culture and she ours.  Over bbq, I asked Pauline what are things she learned about Americans while here:  lots of fried food and large plates.  I agreed and she said her mother encouraged her to "take salads" while here but she said that fries are better.  I loved that.  Both Ori and Pauline feel much more confident with English and Ori said she needed to brush up on her Spanish when she gets home.

Ori and Pauline are on a bus tour in California for two weeks.  Ori will come for a night, get the rest of her bags and head home for Arequippa the next day.  It's really been a good experience for all of us.  I hope Chloe and Ori will be life long friends.

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