New Robozo, Oak Park

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, Aug. 17, 2009

New Robozo was a fabulous find in Oak Park the last day of our Chicago weekend. Wendy highly recommended it and it was located only few short blocks from the Frank Lloyd Wright museum where we had taken the guided tour. We were seated in a booth table and were quickly given water by our sweet waitress and homemade chips and salsa. I loved the salsa, it was one of the best ones I had ever had, it was fresh and had a kick in the background. The chips were homemade and a nice touch. The restaurant was not crowded and it was bright and clean. We loved the ecclectic decorations with pictures of Robozo, Mexico.

Emilia was back and spoke Spanish and English while taking our order. Because her English was not as great as ours, she showed us the special brought out on a plate and described it in both languages. Kara ordered fajita's (see second picture) and she said they were so good. I can speak for the Tamales, they were divine and very fresh. I did order it with a choice of green or red sauce, I got the green thinking jalopeno "hot", boy was I wrong. It was a flavorful tomatillo sauce but the red sauce Martin ordered on his packed a serano punch that lingered. I loved his sauce. The Tamales were served with black beans and long grain white rice and it was refreshing than the ususal refried beans and spanish rice you get in our hometown. Jackie had chicken enchiladas with pancho villa hot sauce, he loved it too, it wasn't quite as hot as Martin's sauce. But it was fresh and really great. Martin and Jackie both partook in Margaritas on the rocks and they loved them, Jose Quervo Gold we'd say. The beauty of New Robozo is the portions aren't going to make you hit the Lazy-Boy when you're done. The portions were perfect. I almost licked the plate clean but I refrained knowing I was headed to Midway for delays in security and lack of a ladies room.

Dessert, dessert. One of the things I avoid at all costs but dang it, the thought of the long stinking day in security I ordered up my favorite from Oklahoma City mexican restaurants, the sopapia (see first photo). Now this little fella was thin, served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, honey and cinnamon on top. Oklahoma sopapia's are a huge empty pocket you tear a hole in and pour it full of honey. This one we all four partook of and totally loved because it wasn't over sweet with the ice cream and honey and it was thin.

Did I mention the fact that I loved the ladies room? I haven't said a thing about ladies' rooms so far, but this one was small, clean and pefect with personal hand towels and plenty of soap. And the waste basket was by the door, which I love. A very nice touch.

We thought New Robozo was the find on this trip. We loved the small, refreshing portions here and will be back. Thanks Wendy for such a great recommendation.

New Robozo, 1115 Madison, Oak Park, Il 708-445-0370

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