Zaxby's, Marion, Ark.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

After another foot race, this one a 10K in Memphis, Jackie, Martin and I were famished. We picked Chloe up at Bailey Bigger's house in Marion, her best friend for years, and ventured on home but stopping first at this chain chicken restaurant. If you read my blog, you know I can't stand chains but I've also blogged about the ones worth noting. Zaxby's is a clean establishment featuring chicken a gazillion ways, on salads, boneless wings, breaded strips, sandwiches and the like as well as those Otis Spunkmeyer cookies that are so good. This chain originates in Georgia founded by two best friends over a basketball game, how original.

The beauty of the girls is they knew exactly what to order, there were only three choices on the kid's menu. Kidz Nibbler, which is a mini chicken sandwich that Bailey ordered, the Kiddie Cheese that Chloe ordered, which is a half a grilled cheese or the Kiddie Fingers, which is obvious what that is. All three are served with french fries, drink and Scooby Snacks, which are graham crackers, a nice touch similar to my favorite burger restaurant, Johnnie's in OKC.

There are three sauces available for wings. The Tongue Torch, Nuclear and the Insane. Martin ordered first, he got the 10 piece boneless wings in Insane sauce. It had three triple X's by its name on the menu. I guess that was a warning of its hot status. I ordered 10 wings to share with Jackie one step down on the hot menu, the Nuclear. Of course, Martin got his wings first and sat down with his paper plate and said, "Ah, wimpy." I agreed looking at the wings served ranch sauce and 4 celery sticks. Then our order came and when I brought it to the table, yes I am wondering the same thing, I did get our order while Jackie relaxed at the table, Martin had downed two of his wings. I wondered how hot they were and he said, "at first they're no big deal, then....", he said, "by the second, I can't taste the chicken only the sauce." Jackie and I chuckled as we got the girl's meals rolling.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Martin was choking and spitting and flaming after his third wing. He was soaking up the ranch and celery in between breaths all the while getting his second large glass of unsweet tea. I was surprised I didn't think to order milk to drink, milk is the only beverage to really soothe your mouth while on fire. Jackie and I slowly got into our Nuclear version of the wing worrying we'd be next in on the flames. Ours was very hot but not over the top, it lingered on the tongue for a while. I did pull a rare thing, I ordered some breaded spicy mushrooms because I was needing to carb up after the race. The mushrooms were good and I liked the remoulade sauce that accompanied them. We all got to chuckling and I have to confess, we all were thinking about the cooks in the kitchen and what their comments are when people order the Insane wings. We thought they were back there cracking up, making wisecracks about the wing eaters going out on a limb and ordering up the triple X sauce.

Martin and I go way back in our quest for eating hot things. He loves heat and enjoys challenging me on heat levels. One of Kara's pharmacy clients who has a crush on her, he is 90 by the way, gave her some marinated habaneros last summer. Martin said he thought they were pepperoncini and ate one whole. He said he could feel the pepper going down his throat, to his stomach, in his intestines and, I'll be candid here, he figured out what fire in the hole really means. I am cracking up, my abs are sore from all the laughing I've done writing this review....I've laughed more today than I have all week...

Martin said that the Insane wings must have had habanero in the sauce, the reason he said, was that his eyeballs were sweating. And he used 10 napkins, I'd say, for every wing he ate to wipe off his brow. I never did see actual sweat but his eyes were red and draining. I am a witness to that. We did offer to let him out on our way home to use the bathroom but he said he could hold it...I am dying here...hahahahahahhahahaha....

Chloe loved, loved her grilled cheese and loved getting her own ketchup out of the automated server. I really loved their unsweet tea too, it was fresh and strong. The girls ventured into the restroom before our 20 minute trip home, and I can report the facilities were in perfect shape. Our meal for 4 cost $25, so have your debit card or cash ready, they don't take checks. Zaxby's is a sure thing, offering good items and a definite sure thing on the heat in their sauce. You might want to start with the Tongue Torch and a glass of milk.

Zaxby's, 306 Bancario Rd., Marion, Ark. 870-739-4888

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