Garden update, Birdeye

Monday, April 18, 2011

I planted three strawberry plants a few years ago and they've multiplied nicely

Kara shared a few broccoli plants with me, we'll see, I've never grown broccoli

The Gooch Man loves the herb and pepper box...looks like he likes dill

I planted two bags of onions, red and yellow this year.  Last summer we had green onions yellow onions all summer and fall.  If you plant some bulbs near the surface you'll get green onions and deeper in the dirt, regular onions.

The garlic is really coming on, that green in the middle is totally a garlic green onion, like a chive

The asparagus box was delivered Saturday, I can't wait to get it  ready.  I was worried early in the season that there wouldn't be too many come up this year, but wow, I was wrong.  I have 4 rows from last year and I added a row this year.  Looking forward to harvesting in a few years.  I noticed too, that the instructions on asparagus say to mow over your first years harvest.  Hmm...

This is what potatoes look like.  Last year I totally forgot I had planted potatoes, this thing came up and bloomed and stood about 2-3 feet tall.  I finally got impatient last summer and pulled it up...the potatoes at the end of the bloom lasted all summer and early fall.  What a fun find and I can't tell you how fun it was to served baked potatoes from your dirt!
Chloe loves the camera.  She took all of these photos Friday and Saturday.  She also enjoys making videos of the Gooch Man and is looking forward to posting them on her blog.  We've gotta sit down and do that!  I am excited about the garden this year.  Martin said he's got a bunch of tomato plants in his green house to share, I can't wait!  We cut down a half dead tree near the garden and I have room for three more boxes.  I hope to get them built so I can plant more this year.  I need to get the zinnias in the ground too.  There's nothing like fresh flowers all summer in your kitchen.  I've really enjoyed Winnie Bob's legacy of daffodils in the house all spring. 

Grow a plant in your yard, you'll enjoy an herb or some tomatoes and peppers all summer!

One of 15 varieties of Winnie Bob's daffodils

The late variety, this one comes on around April 10 every year

Chloe's camera work

We're so glad she still loves to play with her horses

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