Puppy Paws and Oreo, Birdeye

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oreo and Puppy Paws...latest drop offs in Birdeye

During leash training (and during a photo line up) big brother jumps on little brother for screaming.  We'll see how this all works out....hmmm....

Oreo...the scruffier of the two.  Super duper cute...leash trained already compared to younger brother...

Gooch man hangs out during the fostering...he's not too sure about the two new boys out back...

Puppy paws...super shy and likes to run to the back because his bigger, bully brother puts the hammer down way too much on him.  This is a shot of him after the rodeo of trying to be leash trained...poor thing, he twisted around and totally freaked out.
Monday, April 11, 2011

Kara's dogs Sicily and Duchess brought these two brothers to the fence...and what does Chloe do?  She brings them on into the fostering yard!!  Cracks me up.  So far, we are working on leash training and crate training.  They need some vaccines and neutering and then they'll be ready to go.  Come on people, spay and neuter and fence your dog yard!

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