Spindini, Memphis

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love Spindini....

Me, John and Joy Shepherd, Becca and Neall Jackson and Martin

This is blurry and the other photos the waitstaff took were too,
I blame this on that new camera Jackie got me...it's tricky to use..

After dinner, Neall and Becca invited everyone to their condo
along Beale and there was this beautiful Memorial Day Fireworks
Show...what fun and thanks for inviting us all!

I had to add Chloe's new baby chicks...these teenagers will be ready
to roll soon with the other Big Mamma Brown Egg Layers...get going girls...

Chloe loves to baby the "baby chicks"....here they are a week ago...
yes, they do grow so, so fast...

Here's Chloe with Oreo, the latest Birdeye stray dog, he's a doll,
totally house trained, great with kids, dogs and cats, a dream really!
I can't keep him, if we did, we'd have no room to foster.  Spay and Neuter,
people....it's the only way to help the unwanted animal population....
Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!  How great it was to celebrate many cyclists birthdays at our dinner in downtown Memphis.  Lisa Blanton, Beth Malone and my birthdays were all recently.  What's great about our crew is that we enjoy celebrating birthdays...I wish, wish I could still figure out how to post a calendar to the blog that would have birthdays.  I have spent so many hours trying to figure it out that it drives me NUTS! 

Anyhow, Spindini was opened in 2007 by Judd Grisanti, a well known family that owns many Italian restaurants across Memphis.  Jackie and I have been to Spindini many times but this was our first time with such a large crowd.  We had a reservation and our waitress Lauren was great with our party of 15.  It was really nice that we had that back room where we could talk loud about Amsterdam and cut up and that's what we did.

For dinner, I ordered my old standby Speghetti Bolognese, a simple spaghetti in a perfect meat sauce.  Jackie and I split the Mia Nonna Salad, otherwise known as My Grandmother's Salad, with mixed greens, tomatoes, pepperocini and Italian Vinaigrette.  It was perfect for two and the dressing was super light. Jackie had the Manicotti and loved it as well.  Tara Burton let me try her Lobster Pizza and it was perfect and thin with fresh spinach.  My sweet friend Joy Shepherd arranged a homemade Carrot Cake made by someone from the hospital and lemme tell you, it was delicious!  It was two layers with a delicious cream cheese icing.  It went perfect with the hot coffee Lauren served.  The coffee was strong, just the way I like it.

I noticed on Spindini's menu they have a farm with organically grown produce and their own honey bee colonies at Woodland Farms in Holly Springs, Mississippi.  I love when we see restaurants getting their ingredients nearby rather than on a Sisco truck.  I will say Chloe and I watched a honey bee documentary on PBS about the alarming decline in the honey bee population.  It is scary!

Thanks to everyone that rolled out to celebrate and a toast to Neall and Becca for working so hard on our local sales tax for parks, roads and jobs!  Thanks too for the great Viking Cooking School certificate, Kara and I are working on coordinating an upcoming class.  And we also celebrated Jimmy and Beth's engagement and upcoming wedding, how exciting!  I promise to finish blogging the trip overseas soon.

The beauty of Spindini is it's fabulous location on Main Street, just blocks from Beale Street, FedEx Forum and all the downtown sights.  Spindini's elegant Italian menu is wonderful and with local organic produce, makes it even more fabulous.  You won't be disappointed at Spindini, not even with a large crowd.

Spindini, 383 South Main, Memphis, TN,  http://www.spindinimemphis.com/ 901-578-2767

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