More Birdeye Photos...Fall 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, Nov. 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!  And Happy Anniversary to Mom and Gary!  He's recovering from knee surgery so they're home bracing for the cold snap they get tonight then we get tomorrow.

Here are some fun photos from Chloe and I...

Somehow Harmon and Jeanie took the grand kids to the Village
Creek Trick or Treat on Oct. 26th, after they orchestrated a
hayride for Whit's birthday party that same day.  Jackie
and I were both out of town and Chloe was at their house.
They literally pulled these outfits out of Chloe's dress up box that
she keeps and gets out when she has young cousins over.
I don't know what Harmon is or what Jeanie is.
Biscuit down below was a Hot Dog, Chloe was too,
she's taking the photo.  (it was her costume from 5th grade)
Stella is a cheerleader, Whit a cowboy and I think August was
 a football player.  Whatever they were dressed as, Chloe said
going out there was a blast.  Thanks Memaw and Grandad for
once again helping us out and Martin out

I took this last week of the kids, Chloe loved the leaf
throwing even though it's blurry!

Chloe's photography...I love the wind blowing their manes.

I used this as the blog's background...Chloe's photo of course
Chloe's photograph of a chicken at Harmon's...
I wish I knew the breed...a good photo!
Chloe cracks me up!
The fall colors are splendid!  Seems more colorful than ever!
Again, Chloe's handy work
Dr. Calico is pretty funny....

I like this one of everyone....

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