New Fosters again....Birdeye

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sadie...she's adorable!

Stan is so handsome!
Here's a body view, she's about 10 lbs 

Stan is about 20 lbs
Monday, Nov. 25, 2013

THESE TWO HAVE FOUND HOMES!! I'm thrilled to report! :)

Spay/neuter people...Just when I think we've been in the clear on fostering (it has been nice not having to deal with more dogs) these two show up and on the same dang day!  But I love them both.  Sadie is about 3 months, some kind of shepherd mix.  Crate trained and leash trained already.  I love her.

Then there's Stan who we adopted out in August.  He's back because of a move that didn't allow dogs.  He's so sweet!  Some kind of miniature border collie.  He's very smart and is a great listener.  Probably 6 months old now.

Both are vetted and can go anytime.  Spay/neuter, it would prevent these unwanted litters.

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