Merry Christmas 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Yes my friends, it has been a busy season.  I'm excited to announce that the three of us got our Christmas things put away today in 1-1/2 hours with only minimal complaining.  And I have to brag that I finished making my annual 6 gallons of tamales today too plus went to church, wrote an article for the local paper the Wynne Progress and made tacos for lunch. Whew, that's only today.  Jackie's cousin Counts Louise was here Friday night and slept for 12 hours straight while Jackie and Chloe and Stephen and Counts Elizabeth went to LB Vaught's Duck Club Friday.  I totally enjoyed having dinner at Kara's Friday, then early Saturday I knocked out yoga, bible study, Killough's Blueberry Muffins and did 100 tamales then a bike ride at 3 pm.  That's called knocking it out and now I'm pooped.  Here are some fun photos from the last few weeks.
The Grinch from the Cross County
Arts Council's Festival of Tree Reception.
I told Chloe I thought her dad needed
to borrow this outfit.

Chloe took Biscuit and Gumball to the Wynne Presbyterian
Church's luminary event...they did great tied up!

The Gumball's tongue cracks me up.

I drove during the Cross County Arts Council's annual
holiday lighting contest...this is Mr. Hare's yard...amazing!

Christmas morning

Chloe was dog sitting Penny Stacy (and still is) and insisted
that she get a stocking...there's Essie Mae checking out her bone

I'm not sure who Santa is, but if I
really knew Santa, he would have known
that Chloe already has an IPAD but
somehow Chloe got an IPAD mini.
Who is Santa?

The youth in front of the Wynne Presbyterian Church after
putting out, I'd say, 300 luminaries
How exciting that Teddy who came up
here 2 years ago, had a great Christmas
in Maine.  My goodness, he's still so
handsome!  Spay/neuter people! :)

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