Happy Birthday Chloe, Birdeye

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A funny shot right before blowing out the candles

We had a great party

This is birthday morning (dang it, her eyes are closed)

Look at August and Stella and Whit...hahahaha!

Why she reacted like this to
overalls for the farm is beyond me!

Cross County has been under a Flash Flood Warning Tuesday
and Wednesday....we got 3-1/2 inches and after getting Chloe
from school Wednesday, this is where we found the ladies.
I think they're up there because I've banned them from my
carport because of the poo but they were totally getting
rained on here...they're crazy chickens
Hilarious!!! August loves Chloe but so do Stella and Whit
This was less than 24 hours worth of rain..
I dumped 1.2 inches the day before.
Look at the poor cilantro drowning...

My breakfast in bed Sunday on Mother's Day (that package
was a hand made jewelry box and on the left there are head
lights and tail lights for my bike from Jackie, great gifts)
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I can't believe it.  Our gift from God is a teenager.  I know, right?  I have a Top 10 list about Chloe....I bet it will turn out to be longer than 10...

1. Chloe Magdalene Smith was named after my grandmother Chloe Clifton and my great grandmother Maggie Pitzer (if I had known more children weren't in the picture, I would have given her a Smith/Tolle name too instead of me hogging her name)
2.  If Chloe was a boy (and I knew she would be because I got big fast), I wanted to name her Shaver Levesque Smith, SLS, after Jackie's great grandfather.  We'd call him "Bex".
3. Chloe was two weeks early and 9 lbs. 3 oz and 22 inches long, basically the size of a 5 month old infant.
4. During pregnancy, I had the perfect blood sugar, my fantastic doctor, Harold Sacks in Memphis, was a scientist in figuring the weeks of pregnancy and adjusting my insulin pump.  The high blood pressure and kidney values are what did the wear and tear on me.
5. Chloe is hilarious.  I mean, really funny.  Jackie and I get so many laughs from her.  And a great quality is that she can laugh at herself.
6.  Chloe is a great listener even if she hails a, "I know, duh, mom" back talk.  She is sensitive and really does a good job and listening and taking people for real.
7. Chloe loves animals, cats and dogs and more especially the chickens.  Her new baby chicks came over to the party, sorry no photo, and they have grown 4 inches in two weeks.  She's an animal lover who wants to volunteer at the Wynne animal shelter.  I remind her every time she says this, that she is the Birdeye Animal Shelter and she needs to clean our kennels since I always do it. :)
8.  Chloe has gotten pretty good at piano (I know, I'm pinching myself from bragging as a realize that she could quit at anytime).  I hope and pray she'll stick with it until 12th grade.  That's only 5 more years but they will be the hardest years I'm sure.
9. Chloe loves to read the bible at night.  I'm so proud that the confirmation class at Wynne Presbyterian Church started this legacy for her back in 4th grade and it's continuing thankfully.  I want her to always be grounded in a church somewhere.
10. I won't let her leave the house without a hug, kiss and compliment every morning.  For some reason, it's my thing :)
11. Confession:  I can't do Chloe's hair very well.  But I have the challenge every morning to do her hair better than some of her classmates.  In fact, she has some friends who can do braids really well and when I'm asked to do some kind of difficult french braid, I usually put my hands up and tell her that Anastacia and Isabella win and that I'm out.  But just last week, I did a fantastic slide up braid and I announced, in front of Jackie, to "Tell the girls that I've still got it!  I can do hair, tell them I said Bam!"  Chloe laughed all the way to school and was proud to tell me how impressed Anastacia and Isabella were with my hair do.  It's the little things I'm telling you.  In fact when cousin Jake Stacy got married earlier this year, Kara had to do Chloe's difficult bun for the wedding...maybe I need to take a class...
12. Chloe loves giving people nicknames and with that she's earned some of her own..Coco, Kiffie, Coco-a-nator, Chlo Chlo, Cat and the list continues to grow.  Now her names for Jackie are awesome...Frankie, James (when she really wants to get his attention), Daf, Jerk-a-con...And for Biscuit, his alias' are: Big B,  Biscuit-a-nator, Biscuit SCRUFFY Smith (when he's in trouble), Little B, Little Bobby....you get the point :)
13. She's 13 and I figure the next few years will be the roughest (back talk, boys etc).  But here's to 13 fantastic years and here's to the next hundred!  :)
A group shot...look at Whit with
his hands up in the wing chair....
That's Polly Hardin across from Kara,
her mom, who was in town for all
the ball games

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