Happy Birthday Granddad and Memaw, Birdeye

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chloe thought about lighting about 70 candles but we just used what we had....

Word Sneak Stella vs. Chloe

August playing Pictionary

A great dinner!

Buddy jumped in my car the other day and refused to get out so he got
to spend the afternoon in my office.  He did remarkably well
This was the highlight of the evening, August drew "handy man" and you can see he drew a man with a HUGE hand...
we all were totally cracking up!  hahahahahahaha :)

Chloe asked for a yoga class for Christmas so we go twice a week...
we love it!
Jan. 24, 2014

Chloe loves having people over so Kara let us host Harmon and Jeanie's birthday again at our house.  Harmon turned 70 today and Jeanie will be 71 next Friday.  We had manicotti, Kara's delicious salad and homemade bread and strawberry birthday cake.  We topped off the night with Chloe's birthday video she made for them, a neat slide show of everyone from birth till now, pictionary and Jimmy Fallon's Word Sneak.  It was a great evening filled with lots of laughs.  Happy Birthday Memaw and Granddad!

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