Strong Inside by Andrew Maraniss, Memphis

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The cover

Jackie was known at Vanderbilt as JH....
He and Andrew both wrote for the Vandy student
newspaper the Hustler.
Chloe's big enough to go most places now :)

I loved his book talk at the National Civil Rights Museum...
It was so interesting
Two weeks ago we went to Memphis on a Thursday to the National Civil Rights Museum to see one of Jackie's Vanderbilt classmates give a book talk on Strong Inside, a book about Perry Wallace.  Perry was the first African American SEC Basketball player.  It was such a neat hour hearing about his research, learning of his respect and long-time admiration of Perry and Perry's sister, a Memphian was there in the audience which made it very special.  I cannot wait to get into the book, I've already searched for the book on tape but it's not out yet.  Jackie bought an extra copy for our local library in Wynne.  I gave it to them last week and they asked if we could get Andrew to come to Wynne and I said yes.  :)  And no, I didn't ask Andrew.

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