Happy 14th Birthday to Chloe, Birdeye

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Chloe!  It's hard to believe that she can get her license to drive with a parent now!  We've had a really busy week with Mother's Day lunch at our house Sunday and her birthday Thursday and we had our family birthday party over at Harmon and Jeanie's this year.  (A huge thanks to them and Kara for making the delicious spaghetti and salad for last night's partee :)). 

I added some photos of the past two weekends too. Chloe's got a couple more weeks of school then Kara and I will take Stella, Chloe and cousin Audrey to NYC for a show, museums etc.  This summer Chloe will do Junior Golf (maybe a lesson in there too), go to a camp in Little Rock for the publications staff (yay, she was one of 5 chosen in her class) and a week at Ferncliff with Audrey.  It'll be a busy summer for sure.
Thank goodness after 22 plus years of being in the Smith family, I got action footage of the infamous Indian Leg Wrestling
match that Memaw has been legendary for.  Here she is battling oldest grandson Whit.  She won can't you tell?

At the beginning of the war...Look at Granddad watching the action....lol!!

Chloe went down to Memaw of course.

Here she is battling August.  She won again.

And Stella was the last to loose.  That's Memaw 4, grandkids 0

Chloe and Stella helping August with charades behind the scenes on Mother's Day

August loves Chloe's games...this is Pictionary, of course

Stella's a big game player too!

Chloe's new game with the dogs is to get a muffin pan and cover each
one with a treat and a toy.  Makes for a fun time for the dogs.

Whit ran off at the last minute.  Looks like Jackie's having a good time...

Chloe and Buddy from the Dog-a-Roo at Shelby Farms last Saturday...they participated
in the Look-a-like contest but didn't win.  SO cute!

Buddy got a gold star for being on his best behavior at the dog festival.  He does have
some social issues but he did great.

Chloe at her final track meet of 8th grade with Elizabeth Moon, Chloe and Kyra Dobson

Biscuit at the Parkin Archeological State Park yesterday

Chloe wanted her cake done like this sketch of the Lord of the Rings'
Legolas...it says, "if you can read this, the dwarf fell off".

Kara and the kids and I wrote cute poems about Chloe turning 14, they were all darling.  Memaw had a huge puzzle-style
scavenger hunt game,  the kids loved it.  Memaw always has really good games.

Chloe and I went to Parkin Archaeological State Park Saturday to learn out to make fire, rope, rugs and eat from
a dutch oven over a camp fire.  It was a really good program.  Chloe and I love Discovery Channel's Naked and
Afraid show that we were really into making rope and fire.  The show puts two strangers into a remote place of the
world without clothes, food or water for 21 days to survive.  It's a really fun show to watch and makes us
so thankful for shelter and electricity.

We made had the tools to make fire from a bow drill and here's Chloe
starting one from using flint and steel to create a spark onto charcoal
paper.  It was a really good experience.  And I'm off to Walmart to get us
a fire starter kit for this summer when we go to Village Creek with the dogs.

Chloe and Buddy

Mother's Day at church, August got to help with the offering.  He did great!

Chloe LOVED her cake made by Cathy Helton

Aunt Kara does it again, gets Chloe a top favorite gift...Business cards
that have her number for animal boarding and training.  Chloe loved it!

We got her this JRRTolkien shirt and she loves it.  It says "that's what I'm Tolkien about".

Chloe told some really good stories during her birthday party.  She's a
better story teller than me thank goodness.

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