Oklahoma City trip, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

This post may end up being entirely photos but it's been a busy two weeks.  I went to Oklahoma City last week to see Glenn, my 88 year old grandfather who had just found out his lymphoma went to his brain.  I got a full quality hour with him that Wednesday and he died the next day.  I somehow got to be in there when he passed with my grandmother, dad and my aunt Janet.  It truly was one of the most precious moments of my life.  I'll never forget it.  I feel like he's been watching over me ever since, it is a good feeling.  Reminds me of when Chloe and Maggie passed, very precious people in my life.

His funeral was the following Monday so I went on to the state PTA convention in Ft. Smith Friday and attended my high school best friend Barbie Barton Greer's son's bat mitzvah (more on that later) and Jackie and I did the Oklahoma City Half Marathon on Sunday.  Whew, a busy weekend but we made it. I learned a few good tips about eating at a Bat Mitzvah before a half that consisited of chili dogs and mexican food...don't do it.  Stick to pasta and other LOW FAT foods...it was a torturous Sunday afternoon to say the least.  Our time was really good though, 2:20 isn't bad with a ten minute portapotty stop, just saying....

Then this week we tackled AP Math and English projects, worked in the yard and most especially at Bettie's next door, went to Kara's to watch the derby then to a classmate of Jackie's brother's wedding Saturday in Wynne.  It's been busy.

This Sunday Chloe and I are fired up about hosting Mother's Day manicotti and playing Jimmy Fallon's charades and box of lies, it should be a fun weekend.

Next Thursday is Chloe's 14th birfday and we will have a party with Kara's crew on Friday, May 15 and hopefully mom can come over from Little Rock and partee with us.  More Fallon games etc.

More blogging on the dogs around HERE to come! :)

Avery Jacobs, Chloe and Rex Jacobs at Cameron's wedding, dang
blurry Droid camera phone!

Chloe in the courtyard this morning with Gumball and Buddy

Saturday May 2nd bike ride from Beth and Stan's, Stan, Beth, Cecelia, Jackie, Kyle, Joy and me (taking the photo)
We went about 25 miles

Jed Jacobs and Jackie at Cameron's wedding Saturday night in Wynne

LOL on this poem, read it and make sure you have used it because
I was laughing so hard this morning I nearly peed my pants!
Chloe's birthday poem for me

Champagne toast in Beth's brand new kitchen next door....pictured are me, Beth, Kara and Ashley
Buddy in Bettie's convertible, I drive it at least once a week, we
went to pick up Chloe from school with the top down!  Chloe was
SO embarrassed but I loved every minute of it of course!
Chloe with the purse my best friend Wendy hand made for her birthday!

Katie, Stella, Chloe and Julia decorating my birthday cake, so sweet!

Sherry Barton, me and Barbie Barton Greer at Jake's dinner party after the bat mitzvah

This is blurry but taken about 5 years old in OKC at a buffet place, Chloe and I were in town for some reason and so was
Grandmother and Grandad so we met them for lunch I think it was 2010.  Chloe, Glenn and Audrey
Mom and Gary have an abundance of wild turkeys and deer in their neighborhood.  This was Thursday morning on a training run

I went ahead and went to Ft Smith for the state PTA convention and
they had a circus crew doing the entertainment during the luncheon
with a Star Wars theme.... I sent this to Kara for August

Me, Stephanie and Stormy Martin at Jake's bat mitzvah

The OKC half, once again blurry photos from my phone dang it...there were over 25,000 people there for the full,
half, and 5 K

Azaleas Winnie Bob planted many years ago

Courtyard azaleas

I'm going to call this vinca growing in the courtyard with a little poison ivy

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