Sheryl Crow and the Arkansas River Trail, Little Rock

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Little Rock Riverfest 2015

I think Sheryl Crow will always be my favorite musician 

Mugs Cafe is a perfect place for breakfast in North Little Rock

This is downtown North Little Rock on the trail

You can see how close the river flooding was to the trail

We had some hills in there, go Chloe!

On the way back, Chloe was glad to get off her bike.  Her seat was burning bad.  Overall
we rode 17 miles out and back.  We will all have to do 30 one day and 50 the next this summer
when we visit Mt's time to ride some bikes!
Saturday, May 22, 2015

Jackie got us tickets for my birthday to see Sheryl Crow at Riverfest in Little Rock last night.  It was the 9th time I've seen her and I have to say last night's concert was my favorite of them all.  She has crossed over from rock to country but mostly played rock and some classic songs I'd never heard live.  For those that care and love her music like I do, her first song was Steve McQueen off of her 2002 album C'mon, C'mon.  I hadn't heard that song live ever.  It was as thrill, as were the rest of the songs she sang like Can't Cry Anymore, My Favorite Mistake, Sweet Rosalyn (off her first album, that was a real treat), Strong Enough, 3 new country songs, Picture, Happy, Soak up the Sun and my favorite, Everyday is a Winding Road.  It was a GREAT concert down on the river.  After her standing ovation, she came back for an encore of Run Baby Run, and Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll.  What a treat.  The next morning, Jackie, Chloe and I had a terrific breakfast at Mug's then toured the Arkansas River Trail to Burns Park and back.  Burns Park was closed to vehicular traffic because of the flooding but we were among tons of cyclists out there.

Thanks for a great birthday present Jackie and Chloe.  It was a blast!

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