Summer 2015, Birdeye

Friday, June 12, 2015

Katie and our newest Afghan, Pharoah
Friday Chloe and I loaded up East Birdeye (Whit, Stella and August) and Midtown Birdeye (Linton, Katie and Reece) and
met Julia Shepherd at the pool.  We had a great time and watching 8 kids was a blast for me (I am serious!  :))
Left to right, Linton, Whit, August, Julia, Katie, Stella, Chloe and Reece
You can tell how proud they were with their fire
There was a bike ride hosted by Stan and Beth two weeks ago....left to right, Kyle, Stan, me, Jackie, Cecelia, Beth, Kara
Martin, Lisa, Chuck and Julie
Since we are such fans of Naked and Afraid and were just at Parkin Archeological State Park learning how to make fire, I
bought a Swiss Army Fire Starter.  Here's Whit lighting it up Tuesday on my fire pit.  They LOVED it!
They scrambled eggs but those stinkers didn't eat them
Hobbes, Buddy and Biscuit

Then they all got into the XBox Dance...cracked me up
Reece, Stella, Katie, Whit, Linton and August and the Aghan napping on the couch
Not a great shot but Chloe and Whit took Gumball, Buddy, Biscuit and our foster Hobbes to Village Creek Tuesday.
We had a nice picnic lunch and had a great time.

Chloe made an oven Sunday to cook eggs was HOT outside that day (the egg kinda cooked)

Tuesday we went to Marion to hear one of Chloe's BFF's Bailey Bigger play at the Shake Shack.  It was a real treat.
She sang some of her own songs and others from Kacey Musgrave plus one from the Black Crowes

Do you remember when I loaded Whit and Chloe up for a state parks
photo shoot last November?  We didn't make the magazine but
Denny Hess did, he's a local, professional mountain biker
Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer is in full swing!  I'll let the photos tell much of the last 2-3 weeks.  We're gearing up for golf lessons at the Ridges at Village Creek, swimming and Chloe's favorite, sleeping in.  She takes the written driving test this Friday, if she passes, then she'll go back in 30 days for a driver's test for a permit to ride with anyone 21 years old.  I've been letting her drive down the Bay Road after school from Levesque to Birdeye and she's done a good job.  Golf is next week, then a week in Little Rock for the publications staff, a Cardinal game and off to Ferncliff.  It's been good so far, even though we've pulled a ton of ticks off Chloe and ourselves.  I will share two new fabulous Italian recipes ASAP plus garden shots.  Oh and cucumber pickling season is here, I.CANNOT.WAIT!

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