Sunday Brunch Wynne Presbyterian Church

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015

We had a fantastic brunch at Harmon and Jeanie's farm this past Sunday.  The Wynne Presbyterian Church has a Sunday School Kickoff at their farm every year.  It's a tradition to ride our bikes the 5 miles with our bacon and cinnamon rolls on our backs.  I thought I'd share some of the photos of the ride.  It was a great day for church, the weather was perfection.   Also, Chloe was initiated into the Junior Progressive Club the night before.  It's a sorority club in high school, I'll attach photos from it.  Happy Fall Ya'll!

This is Bee, who was going to be euthanized for heartworms, but Chloe and I fostered her for about two months, she
now lives in Earle with a really nice family.  Don't worry, Sam Stacy brought a stray to me Tuesday, he's so sweet and
out back in isolation for two weeks....spay/neuter people!

Last day at the pool!!!  Stella, Chloe, Katie, Whit, Linton and August

Jackie, Chloe, Buddy, Whit, August, Stella, Kara and Martino

The infamous 14% grade Vanndale Hill, Chloe and Whit made it up!!

There was hardly any traffic thankfully
JPC, Junior Progressive Club new initiates
This was ridiculous, it took an entire day to clean up, Chloe will not do this to a girl next year, I'm just saying
Buddy loved waiting with Chloe while her bedroom was being trashed
Her big sisters are Courtney Rivera, a senior, and junior Brittany Yearling
We had a pre-Christmas party happy hour last weekend, the Bradshaw's are hosting the party this year, yay!
The kids love some Xbox 2014 dance video.... Chloe, Reece, Linton, Stella and Whit

The donkeys at the farm looked at us like, "what the..." lol

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