Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dec. 30, 2015

You know I love to write down the hilarious quotes and things that happen in Birdeye so here's this year's list...prepare to pee your pants...

Last January-while shopping at the Tractor Supply Store in Wynne for Memaw and Grandad's birthday gifts, Jackie said at least 15 times, "I'm not..." referring to the fact that Chloe and I were shopping for his chickens some special scratch and other avian items...I had to turn around with Chloe and just laugh out loud because it was so obnoxious!  We bring up "I'm not..." all the time to him...

Later in January, I sent Jackie with our broken down wheel barrel to Graham to get the wheel fixed, "Don't do that to me again, that was something you needed to handle".  I did pick it up and it was something I should've handled.  Hilarious!

In NYC this summer with Stella and Chloe tons of quotes came from that long weekend: hahahahaha as I type these....
   -"My friend speaks Mexican," Stella referring to her Spanish speaking classmate
   -"Medium Rare" Kara to the waiter ordering Stella's filet, "Are you serious?", he asked, and the answer was yes!
   -"Ever since my hair went 80's style, she's not allowed to touch it," Emmy Burton said to Stella
   -"We look like we belong in the trunk," Tara Burton said when we walked up to the Soho Trump Hotel and asked the doorman to hail a cab but he offered their personal driver instead.  Vladamir was fancy in his Prada Sunglasses and 3 piece suit as he drove us 8 blocks to Battery Park to catch the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty in Trumps shiny black extra long Cadillac Escalade
  -"Let's get the shopping over with," Chloe said to Audrey and I when we were fired up about shopping on 5th avenue
  -"Kara, do you have a foam hand," I asked her at LaGuardia after watching Jimmy Fallon's Slap Jack game on YouTube.  I said it across the table and a pilot nearby looked at me like I was crazy because I couldn't stop laughing and getting excited about playing that game with Whit and Stella

 Other quotes from this year:

"Birdeye is a dog park, who would you need a fence?" Martin said to Chloe and I's idea of putting in a dog park for Cross County at Birdeye

"Dad needs to be on a leash," Chloe said after dinner at Charlie Gitto's in St Louis after a cardinals game.  He blessed a horse and buggy on the way back to the hotel....

"That's the reason to have fenders," Kyle Killough pointing to my backside at our Kentucky Bourbon Trail bike ride....it was rainy and I had a muddy skid mark up my back...hahahahahaha!

"This will be a real test, see if a paying customer can get kicked out of a restaurant," Kyle referring to how loud our table was after the races at Keeneland

"HERE IT IS!," my mother said when she found Chloe's IPAD in the floor board of our car after we left for home and drove back to her house to find it and it was in our car the whole time.  Somehow I still got blamed for her not finding the IPAD!

"You feel that?  It smells like a bunch of hot sauce in here..." Jackie referring to the Zaxby's chicken we picked up in Van Buren on our way back home....He did say feel not smell!

"She's homely, you know, kinda looks Pentecostal," Kara during a summer bike ride...I cracked up!

"I couldn't train the Great Pyrenees, Granddad's too soft," Chloe wanted to train the two new pups that Granddad and memaw got this summer

"Who's going to watch them?" Jackie referring to me wanting to buy fireworks and shoot them off...hahahaha

"Your mom's deciding how many apple fritters she's going to get..." Jackie to me in the line at Daylight Donuts on Father's Day before church with cousin Cooper Stovall in the car...

"Why'd you buy this rice (Jasmine)?  We've got rice all around us..." Jackie referring to the rice I make Chloe all the time....it does come from Vietnam

"There's an OLD MAN with a dog," Kenny Whorley, the Midsouth Marathon finish line announcer referring to Jackie and Buddy out on the course of the kids marathon on the loud speaker! hahahaha!

Rotary Toy Drive wrapping at EACC, Josie Westmoreland was helping Chloe and I wrap a big box and she said, "it smells like the bathroom over here" (at our table). It was Chloe passing gas, we laughed all night long....

Chloe's Cookie Tea...we haven't missed one, this started in Kindergarten.  Thankfully all we do now is exchange an ornament.
Back row: Kelly Glover, Levia Taegtmeyer, Tess Boone, Chloe Thornhill, Sophia Ladd and Anna Claire Dallas
Front row: Maggie Miller, Addie Thornhill, Emily Hirons and our Chloe

The Birdeye Christmas Party was Saturday, Dec. 12.  The girls stayed at our house, the boys at Whit's....
Sophia Weeks, Anna Claire Burrow, Chloe, Stella and Clarah Creighton
I took a ton of photos at the party but every stinking one is blurry, I may have to replace it...

Jackie, Chloe and I started a Birdeye Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride, similar to the Edmond Turkey Trot 5K we always do when there during that week.  This year we all met at Kara's and road up to Bay Village and back about 12 miles.
Left: Kyle Gaines, Jasen Dobson, Mel Harvey, Whit, Stella and Chloe, middle row Jerry Harvey, August, Kara Jeanie,
Lisa Blanton, me and Martin....standing in the back is Bob Hardin (Poor thing, he couldn't make the ride because of a bad
fall a few months ago that landed him in surgery) and Jackie and Chuck Blanton

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