January 2016 in Pictures, Birdeye

Monday, February 1, 2016

Since we're getting ready for the Little Rock Half Marathon,
I've been taking Buddy running with me, he loves to wear a backpack
and it's good for me too cause he can carry my juice if I get a low blood sugar.
He loves, loves going with me...I took him recently on the Village Creek
10K Trail run... he did better than I did in the rain!
Chloe got a drone for Christmas from her Matt and MeMe...this is
its first voyage....and we've learned to never take it up unless there
is absolutely no wind....it takes great photos with her Go Pro
Chloe was the liturgist at church two Sundays during Christmas....she is a great public speaker
August fighting a huge Darth Vador in Target....hahahaha!  We kept Whit, Stella and August last weekend when Kara
and Martin were out of town....we had a blast....school was out Friday and we had an epic, I mean epic and long monopoly game with smores over the fire so Saturday we took the kids to Chick-fil-a and a movie
Photo booth at the Jonesboro Mall....TONS of fun!

Chloe helped me with Children's Church a couple Sundays ago, our
lesson was on Lazarus...this is Katie Bradshaw
August, Stella and Caroline Curtis doing a skit

We played Twister after the lesson

August giving Yoda the force.....lol!

Whit, Chloe, Stella and August

I get blamed for a lot of stuff around here like feeding Biscuit too much but look at this shot I got of all the dogs begging
for Jackie to feed them....Thank goodness for this evidence...

This is Michael, a lab Chloe's been training....she's taught him a ton of obedience.  He loves to ride in the floor board...

This is Goliath, one of the pets that Chloe and her friend have raised money for people that can't afford to get their pets
spayed or neutered...They're helping her with 10 spays/neuters.  THAT'S A LOT OF DOGS!

This is Jake, another one

I got this of my arugula and spinach beds...I love growing greens in the winter

Stella loved having Chloe do a bun for her on Sunday....I think it turned out pretty good!
Photo by Chloe from Friday's snow....she's got talent and yes, I'm bragging,,,

Chloe got this shot of Buddy at Village Creek State Park recently
We had a blast! Buddy is hooked up to the sled with his harness from the cart that Memaw and Grandad got her for Christmas
Chloe and Whit let his dogs out while they were at our house over the weekend...She got
this shot of Kara's bike covered in ice

Sunday, January 24, 2016

We've had a great January, it's hard to believe it's February on Monday!  Chloe's been busy training dogs, studying and enjoyed being out of school last Friday for the snow.  We're proud of her, she got only 1 B last semester...she's in all advanced classes and doing publications for the high school so she hasn't been bored.  We are also taking our third semester of yoga at the community college in Wynne after school.  It's a great class full of teachers, grandmothers and other students.  We are looking forward to spring break and then summer, of course!

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