Christmas 2016, Birdeye

Monday, December 26, 2016

Another cookie/tea...Chloe wasn't really into going this year but we made it and she said she actually had a good time.
We rented Downtown Charm and had appetizers, cookie exchange and everyone brought items for the 363 program
for the Wynne School District (it's a weekend backpack program to feed the food insecure families in Wynne).  I also
brought pictionary and we played mom vs. daughters, that was fun.

David and Dara Bigger, Jackie and I at the Birdeye Christmas Party last Saturday night

We had Christmas at Harmon and Jeanie's Friday night, this is Whit and Stella playing Indian Leg Wrestling....I challenged
Stella at wrestling and ended up breaking my pinky toe (again)...our feet hit each other and I had to wear socks to the
Christmas party the next night (even though I had the cutest shoes ever and could've won the contest).  Now it's time
to decide if we enter the Little Rock Half Marathon or the 10K in March....

2016 Quote List to come...these are the notes I've been keeping...

2016 Birdeye Christmas Party
Some of the ladies at the party (I got my foot in my shoes to try and
win the annual shoe contest, I quickly got out of them)

Stella, Whit, Chloe and August at Memaw and Grandad's Christmas Party
Jackie and Chloe have been taking chocolate to the courthouse workers every Christmas since she was born....that's
Gumball, Biscuit and Buddy

Chloe and I went to the dermatologist in Memphis to get her some
laser hair removal and Chloe snap chatted me...I told her not to put it
on snap chat but we cracked up for an hour at these "filters"

Me driving down Poplar in Memphis, we were dying laughing
Chloe hit the jackpot this year, tickets to see the Memphis Grizzlies vs the OKC Thunder and Hamilton, Chicago, tickets!

Biscuit loves, loves Christmas morning

Meme and Matt got the dogs a special gift and they LOVED it

Hamilton book I found online (look at Gumball in the background, lol)

We went on the 3rd annual Wynne Christmas Lights tour then a great dinner at the Killough's
Kyle, Ian, Cecelia, Beth, Chloe, Lisa, Jackie and Stan
We also had a great conversation with Ian, who's home from a tour in Afghanistan

Kyle's homemade recumbent, look at the length of that chain!

Chloe at our Christmas Eve Service

Hamilton tickets (Chloe hadn't showered yet so she didn't want photos taken!)  We had Memaw and Grandad over for
breakfast and we watched Christmas Vacation cracking up all morning

August got his bible at the Christmas Eve service.  It's a tradition
of our church to give 1st graders a bible.

Monday, Dec. 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!  This year was easy for me, I guess I've learned to pace myself with the parties, shopping and all.  This post is mainly photos.  The weather was foggy and 70 degrees on Christmas.  We had lunch at Kara's and it was delicious!  Christmas Eve we went to church and then to Jimmy and Beth Huff's for dinner.   

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