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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jackie pulled this from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and his timing was perfect.  I've been shocked at the election and
wonder what kind of impact this administration is going to have on future generations, like Chloe's.  So I'm trying to do
everything on this list and so far so good....

Chloe worked in my office a few weeks ago on a Saturday for the yearbook...she changed my screen saver....lol

MeMe got Chloe and cousin Audrey an art lesson a couple years ago and we were finally able to go back
during Thanksgiving in Edmond.  Chloe painted Buddy this year.  I think it's pretty good!

Chloe and Audrey Thanksgiving

Chloe took this photo and texted it to me two weeks ago...She knows I cannot stand an
intact male dog, this is Yetti, a terrier mix brought in from the streets that we fostered for a quick
4 weeks.  He's a great pup that arrived this past Saturday in New Hampshire.  Yetti will get to live during
the winter in Florida and summer in New Hampshire.  I'd say he's got it made!  (He was sent up
on the transport neutered, duh!!!:))

Chloe and Jackie at the 5A Arkansas State High School Football Game in Little Rock
a couple weeks ago, Wynne lost to Pluaski Academy but ended with a 12-1 season.
Chloe took photos for the newspaper and yearbook for the school

Yetti and Biscuit

This sweet girl, Martha, was found by a fellow cyclist in Parkin.  She had a fish hook in her ear and was dragging
debris from the St. Francis River.  Chloe and I didn't have a foster so we took her in and she's now living in
Kennebunkport, Maine... talk about living the dream, these dogs from Cross County have got it made!

This is Jazzie, a shepherd female was abandoned in Birdeye in September. And of course, she's up north living the dream
with the others on this particular blog post!!  It could be true that people know where I work and live....hmmm...

Paco showed up in Birdeye in August with another dog.  He was covered in fleas and has scars on his face from who
knows what.  I really got attached to this little fella.  He's living the dream in New Hampshire!
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My gosh, it's been since August that I've posted on here.  It was a very busy fall for Chloe with yearbook and football games.  We took Chloe to Fayetteville for the Ole Miss Game, Jackie and I rode bikes with the Bradshaw's and Martin and Kara in October, then it was the 6th Midsouth Kids Marathon in November, then the election, then Thanksgiving, New Orleans and now here this is.  Oh and I had to do a bunch of Saturday switching and ended up working 6 in a row for the first time since I've been there (for 20 years in January). I'm glad that's over with!

I had a blog post started with some of these dogs on here but I couldn't publish it because shortly after my last post August 23, I killed Chloe's and Jackie's dog Wesson in our driveway.  It's taken since that day in late September for me to feel like blogging.  I think mainly because I think I brag too much on growing food, Chloe, fostering, riding bikes and then I killed our dog.  That's the first family pet I've killed.  It's been hard.  I still burst into tears about it. He'd been herding our cars the two weeks before that lunch hour when I ran over him.  Chloe suggested to blame Volvo since my car doesn't have the cameras that Memaw's car does.  Well, anyway, it was a tough day.  Fred heard me screaming and crying, ran over thinking he needed a gun to protect me but he really just needed a box of Kleenex.  I sent him a thank you for the hugs and reassurance that he'd lost pets before.

Whew, now that I've got that out there, it's Advent Season.  I've really enjoyed the Advent Devotional from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  If you have a minute, go here:

I think you'll love the daily devotions.  They remind me each morning to be mindful that it is the season of Advent and Christmas isn't about gifts, it's about Jesus' birth.  It reminds me to remember to pray for Donald Trump's administration's decisions, world peace, the environment, etc.  It reminds me to be thankful for Chloe, our health, doctors and medicine that keep me alive, the roof over our head, friends and family.  We have so many things to be thankful for.  I don't want to take anything for granted.

So let's all be thankful for the blessings and gifts in our lives, help those less fortunate and be mindful that God is with us as we wait for Christmas morning in all this craziness with parties and shopping.  I.am.thankful.

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