Germantown Commissary, Germantown, TN May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Germantown Commissary. What a classic. This was our second trip to this landmark in historic Germantown, just across the railroad tracks on Germantown road. It's not far from Poplar if you haven't been.
We were famished when we arrived I will admit. Our super efficient waitress Erica got our drink order right away and we did go out on an unusual limb and order an appetizer, which is generally against my religion. She got our unsweet tea right over and our tamales dressed. Oh the tamale. When it's done this good, that's what I'm talking about. Three of the delicious boys were served covered in chili and cheese. But thankfully not too much of either overwhelmed the boys underneath. Jackie is a true blood tamale eater that started 20 years ago at Blues City Cafe on Beale street so no tamale can compete. Nonetheless, it hit the spot.
Sweet Erica was back and took our order. I got the traditional regular sandwich plate and Jackie got the jumbo sandwich plate. The plates came with homemade coleslaw, beans and a deviled egg, how unique. I have to say my regular sandwich was at least 3 inches high with barbecue pork. I had to slim that down and add the delicious coleslaw which is my own personal thing with a barbecue sandwich. Their coleslaw was crunchy and fresh and not sloppy with dressing. Now the beans, the were served warm, almost hot. These beans were tangy and had bits of pork in them and I loved them so warm. The deviled egg is a tradition of the commissary and was fantastic.
Our table was decorated with four different sauces. Tabasco, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Mild and Hot barbecue sauce. I tried the Hot, of course, and it was dark like molasses and somewhat hot. I will say it needed a little more kick to me but I did like its richness and color. Just needed a little more heat for these taste buds.
We were offered dessert but are you kidding me? I was at the perfect level when I left and I knew I wouldn't want to be wheeled out on a gurney.
I love the Germantown Commissary. It's a must when you're in this part of Memphis. You can also get carry out Party Packs which were being sold every minute while we were there!!
We paid $30 for lunch for two.
Germantown Commissary 901-754-5540 Germantown Road, Memphis, Tennessee

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