Happy Mexican, Downtown Memphis

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I just love truly casual, authentic mexian food. And why shouldn't I partake? It's my birthday! We discovered this fantastic restaurant from locals was opened in 2006 just a block from the Civil Rights Museum and a few blocks from the Orpheum. This fabulous kitchen is chefed by Javier Elizarra who hand prepares every dish. This was my second visit to Javier's restaurant, my first was after the 8 mile Hill and Dale race January 4, 2009. We stopped in on my friend Becca's recommendation after that run. We were famished but let me tell you that the dip they serve is the bomb.com. It's fresh and has a kick of jalopeno or something that lingers in your mouth and is delicious. Now back to my birthday which should be the subject of this blog... Staying in my mid-thirties again this year, I drug my entourage back to Happy Mexican for another fabulous night. Our party of 15 was seated next to another 15 who were loud using noise makers that really should be banned or only sold for events that are outside. My ears peeled off the ceiling everytime one of our next door neighbors blew their horns, yelled about how old and young they were and texted, called and squeeled to their friends about the parties they were headed to and by the time they left (and thank God) I was ready to be rid of them.
But thank God for birthdays right?
We had pitchers of margaritas and Coors Light, that Coors was ordered up by our local lumber yard man. Well, anyway, back to the food, we added cheese dip to the fabulous chips and salsa and it was great white cheese dip, the best in my opinion.
I had the vegetarian fajitas with a side of jalopenos that they remembered to bring. I've had trouble in the past with a side of japs that never gets delivered. My fajitas were great. Jackie ordered Enchiladas Mexicanos but was served beef fajita enchiladas without his rice and beans. Jackie has to have his rice and beans.
Everyone loved their dishes and I of course did not interview each and every 15 member of my entourage but all said it was great. One partaker had suggested one of my favorite downtown spots of felicia's but I can't go there when you're responsible for everyone's bill. Happy Mexican hit the spot again.
Nice job Joshual Lambert (manager) and Javier Elizarra (Chef). I love your restaurant. Love it. That's a 7 of 7. We'll be back.

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