Grill 83, Madison Hotel, Memphis

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

Grill 83 was a refreshing experience today after our usual church routine. While I made the reservation nearly a month ago and really dreaded the hour trip to the restaurant, we were pleasantly thrilled with the food and service of Grill 83. I've stayed at the Madison Hotel, downtown Memphis, at least 4 times and have even seen Grant Hill, former Duke and current Suns basketball player, in the hotel. The Madison is the choice hotel for NBA teams as well as celebrities and bands for it's five star services and it's distance from the popular Peabody Hotel. Grill 83 beams in the Madison Hotel for it's superb chef Chris Windsor who "keeps it simple". The brunch buffet was set in the back of the restaurant near the "convention" style room that I'd been in once before for a Levee meeting. The buffet was a little cramed in the hall and started with deserts first, which was a thrill for me but still somewhat out of place. They had a very good omlete and pancake chef who was into details and produced the best everything omlete I've had. The next table featured salads, marinated cheese, fruits and muffins and at the end were the mashed potatoes, shrimp creole and a pasta chicken of some kind that I didn't partake. The last table featured ham and unfortunately well done prime rib. One comment at our table was "how did you get two pieces of the meat, she only offered me one...". Alrighty then. I did go back to this buffet twice which I never do in my home town due to gossip. The second time around I did add fresh blue cheese with my potatoes and had a wonderful serving of rasberries. Did I mention the biscuits and gravy that was featured on the omlete table. Wow, nice but needed to be warmer. My guests enjoyed Mimosas and Bloody Mary's and the unsweet tea I had was well done and you can't say that about all tea.
Grill 83, loved it. I was refreshed and thrilled I'd made the drive to downtown. Good Job Chris. We'll be back. Of the scale of 1 to my 7 year old, six. That's pretty darn good.

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