Cowboy's Stadium, Arlington, Texas

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday, October 4, 2009

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Amazing, over the top, truly unbelievable...those are my thoughts from the state of the art, billion dollar, stadium for pro football. It is definitely something to see. The new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, sits right next door to the Texas Rangers ballpark and is situated between lakes and average landscaping. We'd heard from Leigh Anne and Doug, Cowboys season ticket holders, that the food and drink were exceptional. And it was. Gone are the Dipping Dots and Minute Maid stands, in fact, we really didn't see any stands like that. There were free roaming stands with long lines of A&M, Cowboy and Arkansas paraphernalia but the regular Cowboys merchandise stands, as plentiful as the ladies bathrooms, were all closed. Which reminded me of the two Music City Bowl Games in Nashville we've been to where the vendors are about half open. Back to the food, Jackie delivered me some Vegetarian Nachos that boasted black bean and corn relish and he ordered the Frito Chili Pie and loved it. It was giant. My nachos were really fresh and served with 2 sides of pico, jalopenos and sour cream.
Drinks were on the expensive side even for water $3.00 and Cokes, in a keepable cup, $4.50 and Draft Beers 16 oz., $8.00 and chardonnay (4-5 oz) was $12.00, which is really crazy. They are served in keepable clear plastic tumblers sporting a star, of course.
Overall the food was great and unexpected at a stadium. It was a great game, Hogs won 44-19 over A&M. My mother, the biggest OU fan, had me gun shy of the Aggie fans, she claims they are worse than LSU fans. It's the Aggie band that she said has such unsportsmanlike conduct...well this game was nice, the Aggie fans and band took the loss well, better than the Tiger fans that beat OU in the Sugar Bowl in 2006. LSU fans are the worst, cockiest and rudest fans in college football history. Horrible, horrible people. But back to the food at Cowboys Stadium, you really can't go wrong with a wallet full of cash or credit. Its all about Big in Jonestown.
Pic #2 is Leigh Anne's 2008 Astin Martin Convertible, yes, an Astin Martin, almost as big as the new stadium.

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