Whataburger, Texarkana, Texas

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

On our way back from Dallas, we cruised through all the
construction in Texarkana looking for fast food. We were staying away from all the usual chains and with Chik-fil-a closed on Sundays, we saw Whataburger on the last sign headed eastbound on I-30. Just about a half mile off the interstate, we were thrilled with our choice. I haven't been to a Whataburger since the mid-1980's on May Avenue in Oklahoma City. The place was packed but the line wasn't too long. After all the nachos and other things over the weekend in big D, I didn't what yet another inch on my waistline so I stayed safe with the grilled chicken sandwich with mustard and with the $5.49 meal deal, I had onion rings and unsweet tea. Jackie ordered the #1 meal with fries. The total for our order was $12.89. If we thought about how easy and inexpensive it is to eat in more often, no one would ever eat out. My sandwich was great, just plain and charbroiled and delicious. The onion rings were gone first and I really, really liked the to go ketchup that is served in a rectangle cup with a lid that eases off. All fast food chains should serve to go ketchup this way instead of the inconvenient and messy packets. Jackie loved his burger and shared a bite for me and it was really good. I loved his burger with its fresh, soft, over-sized bun, mustard, onion, pickle and ketchup.
This restaurant was clean and had a wonderful young man serving the "eat-in" diners their food. We loved our "roadie" meal on the way back to see Chloe. I loved that the place was open 24 hours and was the first Whataburger in Arkansas. What a burger!

Whataburger, 4110 N. Stateline, Texarkana, Ark., 870-774-1063

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