Maverick Grits, Birdeye

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a thrill it was to try this Gourmet Magazine recipe out. It was quick and easy, just what I need with my broken hand. The recipe features shrimp, andouille and creamy grits. Wow, our test kitchen for my upcoming Christmas Party was all applaud for this dish. In less than 30 minutes we were helping ourselves which is what you do in the south.

Maverick Grits

4 C. water
2 T. butter, divided
1 C. stone ground grits, I used my quick cooking
1/2 C. heavy cream, can use 2% milk

2 T. butter, divided
1/4 lb. country ham, julienned, I used ham for lunch meat
1/4 lb. andouille or smoked sausage, I used Hillshire farms smoked sausage
20 medium shrimp, peeled without tails
1/8 t. minced garlic, could've used way more
pinch of creole or Cajun spice blend, could've used a teaspoon I think
1/4 C. sliced green onion
1/4 C. seeded and diced tomato, could've used 2-3 and definitely seeded
1 T. water

Grits: Bring water, 1 T. butter and 1/2 t. salt to a boil in a 3 qt saucepan. Stir in grits and reduce heat to low. Cook, covered, stirring frequently until grits are thick and creamy. Remove from heat and stir in cream and 1 T. butter.

Topping: Melt 1 T. butter in a 12 inch saute pan over medium-high heat until foam subsides. Saute ham and sausage until it begins to brown, about 4 minutes. Add shrimp and saute until cooked through, 1-2 minutes. Add garlic and spice and saute 30seconds. Stir in scallion, tomato and water, scraping any brown bits from bottom of skillet, until shrimp are cooked through, 1 minute. Stir remaining butter and serve over grits.

Wow, excellent and just what Jackie needed, pork.

The picture features two of Chloe's roosters, White Dynomite, a Red Pyle Old English Bantam, and Big Red, a Red Cochin Bantam. They are really getting mature with all their pecking, cocking and just plain strutting.

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